Familial obesity

  1. I always notice when family members are "healthy sized" because it's so rare. I believe also it's a combination and if everyone, already predisposed, eats junk morbid obesity happens.

  2. Lack of health education-- you absolutely nailed it. Couldn't have said it better. I think people should be educated on how to effectively shop for healthier foods by reading the labels correctly.

  3. i would also argue family dynamics and trauma play a large role in their addictions. like 90% of the patients featured on MSHPL always include some kind of traumatic incident in their past they haven’t addressed and gotten over. be it sexual abuse, parentification, neglect (esp regarding not being fed regularly and nutritiously as children), an abusive partner, a combination of these and/or other issues. they almost always say food is an escape for them, that it’s the only thing that can bring them happiness. no one wakes up one morning and decides that want a completely crippling and debilitating food addiction, these people are products and of their genes, but again like you said, mostly their environments.

  4. agree here! i grew up in between lower/middle class, drank soda or kool-aid almost exclusively(i don't ever recall drinking a glass of water growing up), my grandma fried our eggs in saved bacon grease, and ate tons of processed and fast food.

  5. Environment. Genetics don’t make people 600 pounds. They might determine fat distribution or height. But eating 10K calories a day is what makes these people gain weight.

  6. I think genetics do because people can be predisposed to addiction. A lot of these subjects have a parent who was addicted to something. And these people turn to food for theirs.

  7. There is a gene that messes up the leptin which is directly responsible for inappropriate weight gain, but it only occurs in about 1% of morbidly obese patients

  8. From everything I’ve read, genetics account for low single right percent differences in body fat. The rest is down to environment, or more specifically, what children learn from their parents about food.

  9. Both. Mainly environmental. Have you observed how the family always blames the 600 pounder for their weight and eating habits but in reality they are themselves severely overweight if not obese and their food habits are equally bad.

  10. There was one episode — wish I could remember the names — where the girlfriend was belittling the 600-pound guy. Dr Now suggested she needed to go on de diet herself and she got huffy. She’d already buried one fat boyfriend btw…. Anyway, after the boyfriend lost a bit of weight, Dr Now got her to step on the scale and she weighed more than he did.

  11. Well known fact that ENVIRONMENT is by far and away the number 1 contributor to weight / health. Even someone with a genetic predisposition (hi, me!) to pack on the pounds can overcome it with lots of hard work and, in my case, physical removal from the fatally unhealthy and toxic home environment that I grew up in.

  12. You're so right. In my case you can track the distance I've lived from my mother by my weight. The further from her I am the faster I've lost.

  13. Like almost everything It’s a combination of genetics and environment. Just because you have a genetic makeup that predisposes you to obesity, it doesn’t mean you are doomed to be fat. But, when you live in an environment where people are eating high fat, high carb, low nutrition food, well, the best genetics ent stop you from gaining weight.

  14. 3 of the 4 in my nuclear family were morbidly obese. 2 of them still are. I lost 61 pounds over the past 3 years and I will never go back. From personal experience it's diet and a lack of education on what to eat. My piece of shit excuse for a "father" hated home cooking and demanded to eat out every night. It didn't bother me. I did not understand. It took me getting to my 30's to change my life. I wish I could have done it sooner. You can unlearn anything when you want it bad enough. I wanted a lifestyle change. I try and give myself Grace.

  15. Statistically, if you have 2 overweight parents, there's an 80% the child will be obese. If you think about it, parents are in total control of what a young child eats. You food shop, cook, and serve.

  16. It’s completely environment. No one is naturally obese, let alone super morbidly obese. Obesity comes from taking in more calories than you burn; from overeating.

  17. My dad is an athlete. Runs 10 miles a day. My mother considers it a moral failing for a to be over 150lbs. Her 7 sisters still brag “I fit into a little girls 14/16 jeans,” which is honestly a weird thing to say and a size 14/16 kids is just a small adult women size , WTF? Tell you your ass was fat at reunions, etc. Both me and my sister were the fat ones. All 19 of my female first cousins never went above a size 4 after numerous pregnancies. My sister and I were always over 200lb. It’s definitely a nurturing and environmental thing because I don’t come from an obese family, and they are WILDLY fat phobic, and they all survived on Coors Light and Merit cigarettes. Oh, I got sleeved a few years ago, and I’m 127lbs as of this morning.

  18. It’s either everyone else in their family is morbidly obese and acts like they’re a supermodel because they’re only 500lbs, not 600lbs. Or, they live with a feeder who is borderline anorexic

  19. "A child with one obese parent has a 50 percent chance of being obese. When both parents are obese, their children have an 80 percent chance of obesity."

  20. Both. Environment is obviously the main factor in extreme obesity like on the show, because no one is genetically pre-disposed to be 600 lbs. However, there really are genetic differences in how people gain and store weight. Though, the thing everyone misses, is that the "naturally heavier" people are usually just slightly more solid/dense/thick than "naturally thin" people. The rest is environment. I have two kids who are just 14 months apart, both girls. One is "naturally thick" in that she has always been at the upper end of the growth curve and is solid, muscular, and likes to eat (healthy foods!). She was born a whole pound heavier than my "naturally thin" daughter, who shows very little interest in eating, is very picky, and sits at the low end of the growth curve. Both girls are within normal BMI limits for their ages, and are equally healthy and active. Neither is overweight or underweight. The difference in body types is natural and unrelated to their environments, but neither is unhealthy or overweight/underweight. THIS is what is meant when we say that some people are "naturally thin" or whatever. It doesn't mean that some people are "naturally" 400 lbs overweight.

  21. There have been many studies on this. One in particular A family was followed for many years who had adopted a child. The biological family was obese...over the years the adopted child shared meals, environment and activities with the family. Yet the child stayed lean and the family was morbidly obese.

  22. Definitely both but I would wager the genetics part is more psychological than physiological. We know it isn’t really true that certain human bodies are just “programmed” to burn less fat or whatever to a significant degree, but certain bodies are more strongly wired neurologically towards obsessive, anxious, and overemotional responses. And that can definitely impact someone’s eating habits.

  23. The genetic issue of leptin only occurs in about 1-2% of morbidly obese patients . Sure it can be genes, but it’s usually environment.

  24. There was one episode where there were sisters, one was overweight, the other was seriously underweight. I forget the episode, but the slim sister went to Houston with her sister, when they got to the airport the bigger sister was complaining that it hurt to walk, the airport staff asked if they wanted a wheelchair and the slim sister said no, she wouldn't be able to push her and made her walk. Originally the slim sister said that she would stay in Houston with her bigger sister, then she changed her mind.

  25. There may be some genetic predispositions but if you were born into a family who are all obese and sedentary then its probably likely you'll absorb the same habits and also become obese and sedentary because its the only lifestyle you know.

  26. Definitely mostly environmental but oftentimes you will see family members or SOs who eat the same shit food (maybe not as large portions) and are thin. So yeah, genetics def. plays some role

  27. Absolutely. All these years either the spouse, partner, majority of family and often the children (really upsetting) are also morbidly obese. And they act shocked and sometimes insulted when Dr. Now points it out. Yet,he has to for the sake of the main patient and their own personal health. The patient doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s a family/enabler/environmental dynamic where everyone’s health is at high risk.

  28. I think there is something amiss in the brain chemicals that allows someone to eat two or three pizzas and then an entire cake for dessert. Why doesn't the brain register satiety? Yes, they are bad choices and there are other ways to eat. But when you watch this you think, I could never eat all that and never would. But you don't have that brain. I don't believe "eating your feelings" is an entire answer either.

  29. It’s the same as alcoholism which stems from trauma, toxic family dynamics, a lack of coping skills and discipline. There is also a genetic component but environment and therapy can definitely fix that. Most obese people I know have experienced significant trauma and usually sexual abuse. Some people drink or drug, others eats. An addict will always say “I am going to quit tomorrow.” A person with dysfunctional eating will say “I have not eaten anything today.” This may sound mean, judgmental and un PC, but it is a pattern. Genetics have some play but again, a healthy lifestyle can fix this.

  30. Obesity is generally a genetic mutation . I think more studies definitely need to be done. Of course if you eat less, you lose the weight but some are so hungry, it just doesn’t stop.

  31. most likelyh both. one can have a tendency towards a particular issue... some it could be drugs, alcohol. but environment helps grease the skids

  32. Some of it can be genetics. Every woman in my family has huge hips that cause us to look bigger than some of us actually are, even if we have the best diets.

  33. Probably a combo. I mean, doctors describe obesity as a complex, medical issue that involves multiple factors. And then to get as large as these people … there is wayyyy more going on there than a set of bad habits.

  34. I did education about patients of size at one of my last jobs, and the main bariatric surgeon there said that genetics loads the gun, but choices fire it

  35. I've got a picture of my grandmother (born 1891) from the Great Depression (early 1930s). She was at least 100 pounds overweight. At least. And this is at a time when food was scarce and people worked hard and life was tough.

  36. For the most part, it's an environmental thing. The only time the other family member is thin, it's either a spouse, friend, or their child.

  37. I think a lot of it is genetics. My best friend is obese and so is his mother. However, his grandparents aunts and uncle are all thin. His mother was adopted.

  38. There’s some folks tho and their immediate family like a sibling is thin af?? So wild how it can be proven both ways nature and nurture

  39. There's definitely a genetic element in being predisposed to obesity. I know in my family we put weight on very easily and if you go back through the generations, it's always been that way, even in times of relative poverty.

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