Trailer for E:60 Bubba Wallace Documentary "Fistful of Steel: The Rise of Bubba Wallace"

  1. That is one goofy fucking title, lol. It sounds like a prequel to the world's most obscure blacksploitation franchise.

  2. What happened to Bubba's dad? I feel like you used to see him around a lot more. Now you only see his mom. I know his dad is a fairly wealthy dude and helped Bubba get started.

  3. They had a falling out but their relationship is getting better. His dad owned (if not still owns) an industrial cleaning business. They were comfortable but he really ain't wealthy. His parents couldn't help him much money wise when he got to the NASCAR top 3 series.

  4. I'm not sure, but I remember reading somewhere (might've been the DJD, but not 100% certain) that Bubba Wallace's parents divorced back in 2016 and Bubba may not be on speaking terms with his dad.

  5. I love Bubba, dude is my driver until he does something stupid or retires. But jesus I miss what it was like before last year at Talladega. He was grinding, had some solid runs but wasn't a superstar. He was well-liked in the garage and was largely judged by the fans based on his on-track performance and his off-track personality which I was fine with. I'm fine with Bowman, Hamlin, Busch and LaJoie fans being pissed at his post-race comments, that is part of the reason I like him, he always has shit to say with a grin on his face.

  6. I think what really bothers fans, me included, is how much attention he gets for being a 20th-25th place driver. I mean the dude is getting a documentary and finished, what, 23rd in the points this year?

  7. I still don't see it or understand the 'rise' of Bw. Until those consistent top 10s start rolling in, I will continue to believe he's being over hyped, played for more fans in nascar or just another money grab for a team. Hamlin would have never taken that risk with bw if it weren't for the sponsors he's got now. He's in between a Dale Jr and a Danica right now.

  8. Agree, he’s at a point in his career where we need to see some consistent competitiveness. Don’t want to see him end up as Matt D 2.0.

  9. Hamlin was starting up a brand new team. You think he would sign anyone who isn't bringing in sponsors? Fuck no so that's not really a winning point there. That's a no brainer with a brand new team.

  10. I like Bubba; but relatively speaking (to these types of documentaries) he has done nothing special. ESPN wants the world to think the story is a black man trying to make it in a sport where he isn’t respected because of the color of his skin, yet he’s driven for Gibbs, Roush Fenway, Kyle Busch, Richard Petty, and now MJ. His critics exclusively say he hasn’t proven himself because aside from his move from KBM trucks to RFR in NXS, his performances haven’t necessarily warranted series and/or team promotions…they don’t say he can’t make it because he’s a black man. That would be ludicrous.

  11. The sport itself has been more than fair to Bubba. Any time you hear about them talking about adversity he has faced they are talking about how the fans hate him. NASCAR really wants bubba to be a star but they better hope those mythical new fans come in droves to support him bc I do not see the traditional fans warming to him until he’s about to retire.

  12. Even Bubba himself admitted he ain't as liked in the garage anymore although he doesn't care. He is a polarizing figure by its most basic definition in the fanbase. Anything in life there are people who like you and people who dislike you. It is what it is.

  13. This is ridiculous... Dude is failing upwards for being alive and not white. MLK is spinning in his grave. Instead of not seeing color, color has become everything.

  14. “The rise” 🤔🤣 BTW… he’s half-black…. He’s so hung up on the color of his skin. Guess what Bubba… no one cares what color your skin is. In terms of racing, performance and content of character is what will make or break a driver with the relationship with fans. IMO Bubba isn’t making any progress in either.

  15. Might want to wait for him to stop being stupid on social media and to rise a bit kore before making this..

  16. The rise? What rise he hasn’t risen to shit he is still the same back of the pack driver that he was when he left petty. The guy wins one rain shortened race and now he’s the face of nascar. We will see next season just how over rated he is when Kurt Busch out performs him.

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