NASCAR Drivers/Team members of reddit, how did you get involved in the sport?

  1. I knew a friend who worked for the team and heard they were looking for interns. I was one of the first interns RWR ever had. We are always looking for qualified individuals to help elevate our program!

  2. man i got a bone to pick with RWR. you posted a few weeks ago about needing graphic designer interns and i sent the email with some of my work and never got a response. what’s up with that

  3. I don't know why people overlook this...but a lot of the teams list a lot of their jobs on Indeed and the like.

  4. Back about 2003 I was unemployed and looked around in the NASCAR industry as I live in Mooresville. I applied for a Customer Database position at Richard Petty Driving Experience. When they called me to setup an interview, the caller ID simply said RICHARD PETTY. I almost dropped the phone when I thought the King was calling me.

  5. worked briefly with bret holmes’ arca program. got into it through a friend, through a friend, and through a friend. it’s not difficult to get an in with a lower team and at the point i was with holmes, they weren’t exactly a winning program yet. i’d start with a lower level team if you want to get a taste of it.

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