Cody Ware on Twitter: Here’s a look at my 2022 @NurtecODT (rimegepant) paint schemes. The purple scheme will enter all of the day races and the black scheme will race all the night events.

  1. I've been saying it here for a while (more specifically about Bristol Night Race)...and I know Cody shows up here from time to time, but I love the concept of a day/night scheme.

  2. Colors are great! The brand is immediately recognizable and the day/night scheme split is a great idea! Just wish the number was a bit bigger, but the way it’s positioned now kinda makes sense.

  3. Definitely love the idea of day/night schemes making a return again. Can't wait to see the real thing in a few weeks.

  4. They're ok. Not a big fan of the empty square around the logos (especially on the hood) but I guess there's not much they can do if the sponsor wants that logo there. Also I agree with others, the number is far too small on the door.

  5. I wish they would leave out the small "orally disintegrating tablets 75mg" from the sponsor logo. Putting that in the fine print makes it hell like I'm reading a medicine label, like it just needs a full list of side effects on the back panel to make the paint scheme compete.

  6. So - what happens if it's a race that starts in the day and goes into the night (whether by timing or rain delay)? Do they stop to pull off the purple wrap? Chromalusion paint/wrap that goes between purple/black?

  7. The purple Nurtec 51 has unironically become the most recognizable scheme in all of motorsports lmao. And it's on the track in a lot of different motorsports!

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