So what do you guys think of our 2022 throwback schemes?

  1. Pretty genius by Ware to do a Bowyer throwback. They'd get 0 TV time normally, but you just know Bowyer will talk about it a couple times and give Ollie's way more exposure than usual.

  2. Making you feel old? Now I feel old thinking about watching Bowyer slide across the finish line on his roof in the old Jack Daniels car. When I was like 15.

  3. Not to be nitpicky...but I really think for throwback we should put the numbers back in the normal spot.

  4. I’m gonna be honest and say this 15 car looks better than the original with how the stripes up front blend into the moved number and how the sponsor is integrated. It gives it way more character. Definitely a great job with that!

  5. From the north east watched Mike stefanik race many times him only think that would have been better to match the 51 is if you did a test Christopher card to run along side it

  6. Really like both schemes. Kinda odd to have Yeley throw back to his follow 2006 Rookie of the year contender though. But I like it.

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