JTG Daugherty Racing announces a contract extension for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for next year.

  1. With all the rumors of JTGD wanting to dip, seeing signs of a future comes as a surprise for me. I think Stenhouse and JTGD are good fits for each other.

  2. I know that I'm surprised by this news but not sure why?... this team is like the guy who shows up at a school reunion with a normal-ass job, house, family, etc. But for whatever reason you've heard crazy stories about him in the ten years past graduation that just don't add up😂

  3. Glad to know JTG will be back next year. Been worried, as they keep getting discussed as a potential charter for sale.

  4. In all seriousness, I believe Harvick's replacement would have some say from Anheuser-Busch. Kevin's the only reason they went to SHR in the first place. If SHR wants to keep them around, they'll give them a say on their next driver. Whether that guy is Reddick, Jones, or Preece is still unknown, obviously.

  5. The extension is multiyear, too. I guess if next year is Harvick's last year, than his replacement won't be Stenhouse. The 4 and the 45 might be the biggest question marks for next year's Silly Season depending on if Kurt and Kevin do hang it up after 2023.

  6. Corey LaJoie said on his podcast a few weeks back that Ricky was rumored to re-sign with JTG, guess he was correct

  7. In this day and age where drivers need to “bring money” to get a ride, it is worth being happy he has a ride for another year.

  8. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that Ricky isn’t still a candidate for SHR. But glad he’s locked in somewhere solid!

  9. But Reddit told me he was going to the 10! Wow, I’m shocked the sub that thought Hocevar had a broken leg got this wrong. /s

  10. So that means stenhouse isnt on the radar for SHR (the 10 OR the 4 when happy hangs it up next season). At best maybe harvick will invest in ownership with JTG? (Total pull out of my ass idea here)

  11. This is only a deal for next year. If Harvick decides to retire after next year, Ricky could be in play for the 4(please, fucking please let this happen.)

  12. Thats good for ricky, he's actually impressed me this year. Hope he can continue this momentum he's had into next season

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