2022 NASCAR Cup Series Indianapolis Motor Speedway Entry List - Team Hezeberg Bringing 2 Cars

  1. Making a Cup start on a road course for him is very confusing, he's DNQ'd like 3 road courses in Xfinity in the last year or so. Will still be rooting for him though.

  2. Ill give josh one thing he is a very invested owner/driver being he crew chiefs and spots and drives for his team along with giving young drivers a oppurtunity even if its in junk equipment he also partners with MBM Motorsports to field xfinity cars prepped by them and along with Hezenberg for the cup series where he helps with the pit crew and to build the cars

  3. M&Ms is making a big mistake leaving NASCAR it’s really gonna hurt their brand. I know a lot of people that buy M&Ms specifically because of their NASCAR sponsorship.

  4. Kinda wish Kaulig brought back Hyperice as the sponsor just for this race. Considering how AJ won with them on the car last year, it seemed fitting.

  5. Peanut Butter M&Ms!! This tells me they might be doing a one off with different schemes he’s ran over the years. Peanut butter M&Ms came out like 10 years ago and

  6. Kvyat doesn’t have any connections to the regime and has spoken out against Putin’s actions. Mazepin was booted from F1 bc his father is literally a part of the regime, I think F1 would be fine with a Russian driver as long as they don’t have ties to the Kremlin, they just can’t compete under the Russian flag

  7. They aren't banned. And to my knowledge no American league has banned Russians. Russians are at the US Open this year they're just competing as neutral athletes.

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