[23XI] This one’s for the culture 🤫 @jumpman23 8.10.23 9am

  1. Can we please finally get some 23XI Jordan brand merch? I know the announcement will probably be another Jordan scheme but a man can dream

  2. Someone on Bubba’s pit box was wearing a Jordan McDonald’s Racing shirt. I’d pay at least $50 for one of those.

  3. That’d be dope as fuck. Need to add some flavor to the Cup as it embraces its diversity. Know the old heads and many folks south and west of Mason Dixon may feel differently, but having Bubba and Suarez or Jordan and Pitbull is great for its growth. I like that the football guys are trying to get into it too. Doing my best to spread the word in these streets tho i’m a little suspect after spending so much time in Pennsyltucky during my life. All one has to do is go to one race and see how cool that shit is in real time, and you’re hooked

  4. I was at the Hornets team store two weekends ago, where there used to be some merch, but unfortunately there is now no merch. There was also zero merch at the HOF. Dang.

  5. They absolutely need to upgrade their merch. The fact that it isn’t Jordan brand is disappointing.

  6. hmm. maybe kurt’s scheme this weekend is based of this announcement considering the jordan brand is his sponsor.

  7. Oh snap, I didn’t even see my screw up there. I had to delete some text to avoid their weird font and typed 23 as opposed to 22. My fault there.

  8. I have never been so ok with a driver losing a sponsor than if Columbia and Bubba parted ways so that he could drive a jordan brand car

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