[Kyle Busch] In response to a NASCAR tweet highlighting his performance this summer: "Ah yes, the scheduled weekly negative post"

  1. Kyle hasn’t made a public snarky comment in a month or two. Been minding his P’s & Q’s. Wonder if this means he’s signed a deal for 2023 and can now go back to being himself…..

  2. Haven’t noticed this. On a Dale Jr video Ty Gibbs said that Kyle told him to stop flipping off other drivers during the race. Has Kyle mellowed out too much?

  3. I do think this is like the 3rd week in or so in a row the official account has mention Kyle Busch just kind of randomly in a negative light

  4. This season sucks as a KB fan. He had 2 races flat out won and taken away by super late race cautions and GWC strategy calls. Was sitting good in points up until like Sonoma and took a turn for the worst. Probably the car to beat at Michigan and ol' Ben Beshore with the 4 tires and fuel while everyone else is doing 2 puts him in the back to get collected. The win he backed into is pretty much keeping him afloat. But a lot of stuff that's happening isn't on Kyle but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. surely this amount of bad breaks/execution/“luck” is out of the way right? surely they’ll be fast in the playoffs and return to form?

  6. i wouldn't consider myself a KB fan. but i would consider myself an ally for sure. i dont mind seeing him win, and it sucks when he gets tangled up in wrecks. but despite what the stats say this year, as an observer and a fan of the sport, he doesn't look like he's really lost a step at all. you can tell when drivers are beginning to lose their edge, and i don't think that's the case with KFB. if he doesn't get wrecked, or suffer some sort of failure -- he's basically always a threat. the guy is a wheelman for sure, and i think nascar needs many more years of KFB. i don't think there are many new drivers that can really embrace the role of the villain the way he does.

  7. You do realize that KB is going to win the championship this year. He knows it and I know it. Have some patience

  8. Actually when I think about it.. this maybe a response to the KFB and Coach video at Pocono they posted that stirred drama for no reason

  9. Kyle is going to win the championship this year. Guy has had the fastest car more weekends than not and shit has gone sideways. So many is the playoff tracks play into his hands.

  10. That’s Denny as well. Toyotas are going to light the world on fire as soon as Bowman’s Voodoo magic wears off

  11. Controversy and negativity create cash. You'd think Nascar's bad boy of the past 15 years would understand.

  12. All the comments that just can't believe Kyle has kept his composure are astounding. He's 37 years old. He's got a son. It's almost as if aging and going through life changing events mature you.

  13. Weird to hear Kyle bitch about the same media who tried comparing his 200 wins in NASCAR to Patty’s 200 Cup wins every time he won for like a year and a half, market him everywhere, and have basically made him one of the faces of the sport. I guess he’s the only one the social media team has ever talked about having a bad stretch.

  14. A top driver in the cup series is struggling and the official account is posing about said top drivers’s struggles, ok ?

  15. Not sure about you guys, but when was the last time Kyle Busch said a cuss word? Unless I missed an interview where he said one, it seems like it's been an eternity.

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