Race Thread: NCS Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond Raceway, starting at 3:00pm EDT on USA (NCS24)

  1. Speaks volumes about the new car. If it took an experienced driver / crew chief this long to figure out technique and set up the NexGen must be a pretty tough problem for ‘old school’ drivers used to running on solid axles,skewed body panels and more drafting. Seems the younger guys who have simulator time and a more abstract approach have an advantage.I’m pretty sure I much as I love all the old guys out there that the young and their quick adaptation will prevail…but I’ll be ‘happy’for a surprise .

  2. It turned out to be somewhat interesting at the end. But much like the spring race it was pretty boring for the most part. Passing was difficult, and there was only 1 on track green flag pass for the lead, and much like the spring race it was the eventual winner making the pass.

  3. Have to say the #4 team has clearly figured something out these last few weeks, and at the right time. If Harvick can maintain this speed through the remainder of the season, he will be very deadly come the playoffs

  4. Great point. When the team hits something I think a lot of drivers can do the job. Nice to see harvick back in victory lane

  5. Lol that "Supercharge Your Summer" commercial maybe should of started airing at the beginning of summer, not towards the end lmao

  6. I already know this is just the beginning and Harvick is gonna shit on everyone these final three months.

  7. Like Chris Buescher but glad it was Harvick in the end. Buescher would've knocked Blaney out of the playoffs.

  8. today proved we DON’T need wrecks for a fantastic race, who would have thought after a terrible truck race this race would be so great

  9. Well that makes the next couple weeks a lot less stressful as a Kurt Busch fan. If Buescher had won that would’ve been two straight races of butt clenching.

  10. And here I thought last week the one time I'm not home because I'm on vacation with my family Harvick wins but happy to see him win again this year. Don't know if this'll make him championship but if he keeps winning then I'll believe it. Could turn out like Tony in 2011

  11. Yes they did. I think he heard everyone talking last week like he had no chance to win. Got him & the team fired up & he went out & proved them all wrong. Then this week, same thing didn't hear too much about him & nobody expected him to win or even run well. Then he goes out & puts the exclamation on it. I'm just glad to see him & the 4 team get hot right now. They are gonna be dangerous in the playoffs & it wouldn't surprise me to see him in the Final 4 in Phoenix & you know how much he loves that place. Would love to see him win another championship. Would absolutely love it if he beats Denny "Crybaby" Hamlin for the win at Phoenix to win it all.

  12. whoever wrote that underrated bell post today spoke it into existence, he was the most impressive JGR driver today despite getting the worst stuff

  13. Lots of fans were upset about how this playoff format robbed Harvick of a title. Well look at that, it just may have given him a chance to win one. By you know … winning.

  14. He’s in the running in the winston points rn too. He’s been consistent this year. I believe he’s 4th or 5th rn

  15. The only reason I like seeing Harvick win is it’s nice seeing some guys have success that we’re around when I first started watching in ‘03

  16. Watch this man rattle off 7 straight and still miss the championship 4 because of a DNF at Martinsville

  17. Idk if it was contact with Briscoe dive bombing the corner or the cloud cover but damn it's frustrating to have had a top 3 car for most of the race and finish 14th a lap down.

  18. One more lap and Bell might have gotten it, apparently SHR is figuring stuff out now, him and Almirola were up front all race, Briscoe would've been in contention for a Top 10 as well if his car didn't catch on fire for no reason.

  19. Harvick wears glasses?! What a nerd! Jk, good race by the closer. I enjoyed this race today even tho some of y’all tried to tell me it was boring. Cheers gents

  20. Hamlin's crew cost him that race. Had almost 2 seconds on Bell going into that last stop and lost it all on the left front. Frustrating man.

  21. That’s the wrong guy to let get hot. Definitely a strong threat for the championship as things stand right now

  22. Denny finished about the exact amount of time behind they lost on the pit stop. What could have been

  23. Idc what anyone says. That was been a great race. I loved every single stage and loved the various strategies and lines being run. The race to the finish was amazing and I was on the edge of my seat.

  24. He got a top 5 and more or less locked up the regular season championship at a track he admittedly sucks at, pretty solid day.

  25. If it was literally one more lap, Kevin Harvick might not have won. Nonetheless congrats to Kevin Harvick. And also congrats to Chris Buescher in third place.

  26. Man the announcers are acting like Bell is on Harvick's bumper and not a few car lengths back entering the last corner

  27. Reminded me of Gordon/Harvick at Kansas in 2014. Kevin had the better car but Jeff had laps remaining on his side.

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