[OT] Dodge, potential 4th OEM, discontinuing Challenger and Charger.

  1. Yea. I get the move to EVs, but at this point, what's the point of Dodge? They basically treat Ram as its own brand at this point.

  2. Never seen a dodge commercial that had any substance whatsoever. At least Toyota can talk about their reliability and Ford can talk about the F150's legacy

  3. I’ve heard rumors of the Barracuda coming back now under Dodge as the EV coupe, with Charger staying as an EV sedan

  4. What other models does Dodge have left? The Ram truck brand is it's own manufacturer now, so will any Dodge branded vehicles exist anymore?

  5. It’s pretty clearly been Dodge and Honda as the two leading possibilities for some time now. Not just a Reddit rumor.

  6. So they want to make a 2024 electrified hybrid muscle car????That's interesting. Could be the fourth OEM after all!

  7. I've stated before that Dodge isn't joining unless Nascar starts switching to EV or a hybrid. Not sure when Nascar makes that change but it's coming in the next 5-7 years

  8. Dodge’s new EV would line up perfectly with some kind of NASCAR electrification which is expected with the next engine redesign.

  9. All they have now are the Durango, the Hornet, and any upcoming EVs. It wouldn't surprise me if everything gets rolled into the Ram brand at some point here.

  10. I’ve read that Honda produces their racing engines in a single facility in CA and their resources are tapped out (unless they expanded recently).

  11. That's their plan, Dodge isn't going away from their performance ways just changing to EV performance

  12. I think the word you are looking for it change, not ruin. Hybrid vehicles can offer better acceleration, better breaking, and better handling that pure ice vehicles.

  13. People buying shitty crossovers, SUVs and trucks did more damage to fun cars than EVs have. People just don’t care about cars or driving anymore, so they buy awful crossovers and shit.

  14. Electric cars are barely a significant percentage of total car sales. What killed car culture is people buying crossovers and pickups and manufacturers building dog shit cars from the 90s through the early 2010s.

  15. I think more the whole “climate change” and the need to reduce our fossil fuel consumption is killing car culture more than electric cars.

  16. Cool engines, not very well-made cars. At least now we get less annoying commercials of Dodge pretending to be a racing company.

  17. Another classic case of read the article, not the headline. Dodge is discontinuing "Gas-powered" Challenger and Charger muscle cars. The brand and nameplate are likely to continue on as Hybrid/Full-Electric models within Dodge.

  18. Steve Phelps was asked directly if they were the potential fourth and did not deny it. Just because it doesn’t happen doesn’t mean it was never seriously discussed as a possibility.

  19. They're ending the V8 powered models so they can introduce an "electric" muscle car (eMuscle)...which is kinda weird because an electric car can have great racing specs, but thats not representative of the "muscle car" era

  20. They will move to EV Challenger and Charger with possible gasoline engines on models for a few years.

  21. Realistically, what car would they race in NASCAR then? Would they race a car that looks like their upcoming "electric muscle car" in a internal combustion sports? That's like racing a stock car that looks like a Tesla

  22. I think this just speaks to 4th OEM not coming on board till the new hybrid engine package is out. The Garage 56 entry for LeMans seems like the first big shakedown of this new engine package.

  23. Sucks. Ford has hinted the next generation Mustang will still have a V8 option, but for how much longer? When it doesn’t have to go up against the Camaro or the Charger/Challenger the Mustang’s V8 will be on borrowed time too.

  24. I cannot fathom the reliability of an all-electric Dodge anything….I wouldn’t own a power drill with a lithium battery from Dodge.

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