On Sunday, seven (7) countries will be represented in the Cup Series race at Watkins Glen, the most in Cup Series history.

  1. Rockenfeller races for Action Express I believe, so it’ll definitely have more HMS support than it normally does

  2. Heading to the race with a big DK shirt. Really hoping to see other fans but betting mainly will be Kimi fans

  3. So excited for Kimi! I just recently got into F1 and he swiftly became my favorite driver, sucks that he retired right after I started watching, but looking forward to watching his future!

  4. Does anyone know what the schedule is like on race day and with a regular ticket can you get near the pits? Do they practice at all in the morning or anything.

  5. nascar.com will have the weekend schedule for on track activities. about the ticket, i’m not sure. i’d ask in the practice/prerace threads tomorrow about that.

  6. Global? No. Good luck convincing most of the owners to be willing to pay to send their teams overseas for a race.

  7. If they ever reopen the oval, Nascar doubleheader at Monza, one on each track would be a dream of mine. If the rc is too narrow, then at least the oval could be cool

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