Race Thread: NXS Sport Clips Haircuts VFW Help A Hero 200 at Darlington Raceway, starting at 3:00pm EDT on USA (NXS24)

  1. Watched the race at like 3 an after I got home from my local short track. It was sooo worth it! Awesome race!!

  2. Best Xfinity race in ages and fans are complaining of dirty racing. Creed rode down to Kyle trying to keep close to Larson’s door to try to get him to get out of throttle, bumped Larson while Kyle held his line, and Larson got back into his side to ‘return fire’ all on the final lap racing for the win, but that’s ‘dirty racing.’ This sub wouldn’t have handled watching Dale Sr. race. Lol.

  3. I wanted a Creed victory there more than anyone, but you can not blame Larson for staying in the gas for the victory. Creed did everything right, and went low to pull all the air off Larson, and when Larson got loose he leaned right back on Creed. That was just two racers earning their paychecks in spectacular fashion.

  4. Dude, yes. Good hard racing. You touch anyone anymore on the final lap for a win and it’s ‘dirty.’ It wasn’t like Creed got dumped. Creed blocked out of his mind for 8 laps and tried to pinch Larson. What was Larson supposed to do? This is also coming from a Sheldon fan..

  5. I agree, but damn did it put on fantastic racing. If creed misses the playoffs because a cup guy fenced him (purposely or not) it’ll really show why cup guys can’t be down in xfinity, especially in a “win and you’re in” playoff system

  6. Between Reddick forgiving Briscoe for running out of talent (as usual) at Bristol, Creed shaking Larson's hand after getting walled, and Kyle's really soft, girlish voice, I've come to the conclusion that these Cali drivers have way too much estrogen in their systems, raise hell praise Dale.

  7. Sheldon Creed is a better driver than his results have shown this year. I hope he can find a way into the playoffs and into a contract extension. He's going to keep improving.

  8. I think RCR as a whole is like A- tier. They are right on the cusp of being a top team but seem to only have top 5 cars

  9. It's just a matter of time when Sheldon will click and get his wins. He would have won today if it wasn't for Larson slamming him into the wall granted, probably not on purpose.

  10. So of you people are ridiculous. Amazing finish and you all are complaining that they’re racing too hard on the last lap. No better than Facebook comments

  11. Didn’t know they went green and only caught the last 4 laps. Any reason Larson was running that aggressively?

  12. Letarte saying Larson didn't initiate contact when all of that started with the 17 hooking the 2 into the outside wall on the backstretch

  13. Creed was blocking Larson like crazy. He was way slower than Larson and Gragson. Larson raced him exactly how he should have with the aggression Creed was using. Awesome race!

  14. Meh what if kimi was leading at Glen or wrecked someone a few weeks ago would you have said the same thing. I don't mind a few races here and there

  15. creed/Larson seem fine w it yet some people on this sub will try to manufacture drama and say “what a dumb move, Larson is an idiot”

  16. Honestly, I don’t see how that was a dirty move by Larson. It was just good last lap racing and if anything it was Creed that got too desperate.

  17. Larson shouldn't have been there in the first place. That's the point. If he wasn't there, Creed would have put together a great race.

  18. Listen I was rooting for Creed too but he was driving aggressive as hell. Larson is there to win, I see no problem with that finish

  19. If we would have had different announcers that ending of the race would have been so much more exciting verbally. Creed got robbed, but what an exciting end to that race. That was fantastic. The announcers did a horrible job on that last lot. They didn't build any excitement whatsoever nor did they explain anything.

  20. It’s seriously insane how NASCAR hasn’t made NBC and Fox fix their booths, it’s almost like none of the NASCAR executives even watch their races

  21. I've had enough of Jeff Burton. Just so completely over him. My wife asked me if they pay him by the word

  22. Creed did what he had to do but let’s not pretend he didn’t squeeze Larson the hardest you possibly could into 1 there. It’s all racing

  23. I've got a hot take here: Larson should not have been racing that hard in a series he's not going for the championship of. He cost Creed the win.

  24. Creed basically chopped across his nose and should've wrecked himself the lap prior anyways. Creed wasn't fast enough in the end to stay ahead cleanly.

  25. What a lame burnout from Gragson. Didn't blow the motor and only blew out the back tires without an American flag taped on the front and didn't even puke

  26. Creed was driving like a moron and Larson let off how many times when Creed was trying to wreck himself. Not sure how that is on Larson.

  27. Here comes all the people hating on Larson when Creed was the one banging Larson down to the bottom and caused him to get loose

  28. Larson didn't cause what happened to Creed. But at this point in the XFS season, when series regulars are trying to win to get into the playoffs, cup drivers shouldn't be in XFS races.

  29. I mean, that was awesome, but it kinda sucks that a bushwhacker affected the series playoff picture. Larson needs to back down and not fuck over the regulars.

  30. Why enter the race if you’re not gonna try your hardest to win? Larson raced him hard but that’s what he’s expected to do.

  31. Eh, not comparable at all. Creed was nowhere near as good as the 17/9 and was blocking everything he could. Not on Larson.

  32. Continuing to wonder how Larson gets a pass for using everyone up at the end of races and it’s just deemed “good racing”. Dude just straight up fenced the 2.

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