Practice and Qualifying Discussion Thread: NXS, NCWTS - September 9th, 2022

  1. 13 Ogata will be the DNQ unless the 6 can't compete, and even still I'm not sure what the ruling is on that stuff

  2. Yeah not too sure. The 6 is the next one after the 34 who is lowest in points, but higher than the 13 in points...but the 13 is faster. I think it is Ogata DNQ but we'll see

  3. Nope, he's in the race I believe. It's still Ogata in the DNQ spot. Had he been faster than Parson it would've been Parsons in the DNQ spot. Ogata needs two more to be slower (basically two more mess ups/spins) to get into the race

  4. Usually the 6 team could've just abstained from taking a time but with how this session has gone they don't have that luxury of falling back on points

  5. That was a heavy hit. Thought it would’ve been a really small tap since it looked like it was slowed down. Obviously not the case. He was still carrying a lot more speed than I thought. That destroyed the car.

  6. 26 of Griffith shut off the car just before the start/finish line. Unless he had an issue with the engine that's a major mistake to shut it off

  7. Massey with either a big time block from sneezing mid-interview or attempted to hold his composure from competition caution clock Kris Wright

  8. I saw him trending really fast to compete with Moffitts time and I knew there was no way it would finish like that lol

  9. I'll never not be entertained by drivers throwing away any dignity for a company as shitty as Comcast to get a few thousand bucks out of it.

  10. Ik you guys don’t necessarily like Cj But he’s a very good friend of mine so I hope he has a semi decent qualifying run here.

  11. Really hope the new tv deal cuts out paydrivers lol. Moffits 7th and running top 12 laps in a car graff runs 25th with every week.

  12. Because he would literally still get out qualified by those guys. And the 77 will likely be the fastest out of those cars (not the 34) anyways. I've heard the Bassett's are leasing a ECR engine now though.

  13. I don't like this track at all. The only race I've enjoyed at this track was Joey's dirty air win.

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