Post-Race Discussion Thread: NCWTS UNOH 200 at Bristol Motor Speedway

  1. Lol I thought he was gonna pull a Chastain and say the wheel is still and perfect for a second 😂

  2. Hey I’m just stirring the pot here, but let’s say Bubba didn’t do a burnout and got this reaction last week would anyone even think it was cause the burnout.

  3. I was shocked at the near lack of booing after Wallace's win last weekend. I was ready to cringe a bit, but came away pleasently surprised.

  4. That's the thing. Bristol was "cool" because someone would get frustrated and go for a gap, the driver in front would chop him off and then a big crash happens. NASCARfans loved that shit.

  5. this. the only reason it was a "bad race" was cause the werent dumping each other. this was a classic local short track race.

  6. Thanks for posting this, I was watching at the airport in Nashville and saw him doing well, but couldn’t watch in the air, I just checked the results and was wondering what happened to him.

  7. Really cool to see Majeski finally win! He’s been close a few times this year. About time one went his way. Really awesome to see him be the best Thorsport truck while being one of the newest guys on the team. Now he might be their best bet for a championship. For Thorsport, 2nd win this year, the other coming at Bristol (dirt) with Rhodes.

  8. I happy to see a guy finally win in nascar after winning everything in the Midwest! Hes always been the top car to beat locally and to see him do well finally in nascar is great!

  9. Honestly I wouldn't even be that kind. For any track this was a bad race. Nobody could pass. Zero tire falloff. 1 lane. Just all track position

  10. If ever there was a guy that really deserved a win it is Majeski! I’m looking forward to seeing him run for a possible championship

  11. Finally! I’ve been waiting for Ty to prove himself and he’s finally doing it. Time to go hunt for that championship in Phoenix.

  12. I enjoyed this race. Majeski getting his first win, Parker running well, and Hailie running her best race of the year. Really wish that caution didn’t come out with 50 to go.

  13. At the track, turns out the Bristol crowd was booing the fact that Ty won instead of Stage Winner Blaine Perkins. There is a whole bunch of guys with 9 shirts and I'm not suprised all these fans aren't happy their guy didn't win

  14. On the LASTCAR side of things, Spencer Boyd unofficially locks himself into the LASTCAR Truck series final four with his last place finish, so he'll have a chance to defend his LASTCAR Truck Playoff championship from last season

  15. Seems like the favorite. Haven't seen anyone that comes to close to his level of consistency. Anything can happen, but man, Boyd is just too bad to lose

  16. Zane absolutely drove the wheels off the 38 tonight. 2nd place is majorly impressive when he was nearly running out of fuel.

  17. Been a little nervous for Ty since KBM went to Chevy - figure that 66 might be a seat TRD might snatch. But not so worried about it any more - gonna be hard to displace a winner AND championship four guy!!!

  18. Not sure TRD would want Thorsport to be the KBM replacement. They operate out of Ohio and kind of do their own thing. If anything a different team will go to Toyota or they put more into Xfinity.

  19. Seriously I was at the s/f line and so many people were booing. So dumb. Then again I'm a Blaney fan and think a polish victory lap is better.

  20. Nothing like running a clean race and getting booed on your first career win for…checks notes…not risking destroying the car.

  21. Nah, just track position tonight. Nemechek started in the back, Zane did the same but went aggressive with strategy otherwise he wouldn’t have raced up there.

  22. Crowd gets to see a new winner and they boo him for something trivial like a burnout. Hope Majeski takes it on the chin, congratulations buddy your going to Phoenix.

  23. That was a terrible race but good shit Majeski. He's been fast all season and I wanted to see him win one, did it at the perfect time too

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