Practice and Qualifying Discussion Thread: NCS, NXS - September 24th, 2022

  1. Really interested to see RFK’s finish through the season and how much momentum they can build into next season. I really think they could get both cars into the playoffs in 2023 if things go right

  2. It’s pathetic that SHR’s only playoff car qualifies 30th while Roush has a car sitting on the pole at a 1.5 mile track 🤦‍♂️

  3. I wanted RFK to succeed this season and yeah it's been rough for them for the last 2/3rd's of it,but I hope they carry it into next year.

  4. Wish Brad would've had this momentum earlier in the season,still it's just funny seeing the non playoff drivers being strong like this.

  5. “Yeah just pain, there was pain everywhere, so we gotta keep on pushing through and being resilient.” - Jameis Winston

  6. I would be surprised if they are bad in the race. The Toyotas seem to be the best by a decent amount in traffic and long runs most weeks.

  7. That flat tire at Kansas for Reddick is heartbreaking. I really think he could have been a championship favorite had that not happened. He was on his way to winning that stage and likely would have finished in the top 5 if not won that race. He’s gonna be favorite here on Sunday, at the Roval, and Homestead next round. Then look at Phoenix in the spring, he finished 3rd. Fuck that flat tire

  8. If only the tire held on to get that stage win. Would’ve advanced him. He could’ve crashed in stage 2 and still would’ve been enough points to get him through Bristol.

  9. He also advances if he took the win from Dillon at Daytona. Not going for those 5 playoff points there might be the L of the season

  10. I'm convinced Rick Allen's first language is not English. By all accounts, seems like a good guy, but his sentences are so disjointed.

  11. doesn't the 78 only have a year left of finishing in the bottom of the points before NASCAR yoinks his charter? they have got to pick up the pace.

  12. Have a feeling we're seeing how tomorrow will go. So far anyone who has gone up in a higher line has made them wreck. Cars trying to stay only on the bottom but it being very hairy during restarts or if anyone gets loose and goes out of the preferred line

  13. I was thinking about this yesterday and it might be a bad idea but maybe I'd like for the points that the playoff drivers in the last three races get carried over into the next round and not just the playoff points they've earned. I know it probably doesn't help someone like Chase since he was in trouble the last round but for a guy like Bell who started off the playoffs with 3 top fives he's now close to the bubble and if he has one bad race in this round his championship hopes could very well be over

  14. Lots of folks found more speed here, definitely quite a number qualifying faster then the previous Texas races. Still too much of a stretch to say I am excited for Texas, but I am cautiously curious to see how this can go with all the teams and drivers able to continue to push it and find more speed

  15. Watching Brandon Jones' post qualifying interview it made me think back to Carl Edwards and how I always appreciated that he made sure to take his sunglasses off when being interviewed on track. It's all about selling your brand, show your face. :-)

  16. I know people shit on Texas (I get ya) but Xfinity puts on the best shows at Texas consistently and with how close the times are in qualifying we're in for a good one

  17. A couple wins and I think he’ll get into the Gragson tier of drivers who started as pay drivers but became solid after a few years of Xfinity.

  18. He has always shown speed, even when he made his first truck starts. He just has issues with being consistent and wrecking too often.

  19. These past 2 years he's significantly improved but he's really figured out to be consistently fast and smooth this year

  20. purple underline on the pylon is not working. just use the purple for the numbers if they're in and leave it plain white if not.

  21. This isn’t going to be another situation of Weatherman qualifying the car in a decent position just for Iwuji to takeover for the race forcing the car to start in the back of the field and have it stay there for the entire race is it?

  22. Xfinity at Texas is almost always one of those races you don't expect it to be good and then it just blows your mind lol

  23. A friend of mine is taking several of the Uvalde shooting survivors to the track today. He wants to know who to listen to on the scanners.

  24. I’m out here today sweating my ass off in a merch trailer. If you can find me, I might give you a discount.

  25. Thank goodness all the playoff cars go last regardless cuz the metric would've absolutely screwed the 45 &12 this week

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