You guys wanted to see it, here they are! Nearly 1,400 usernames on our rear bumper at Talladega this weekend! Let me know if you see yours! (You can also really see my reflection😂)

  1. Lol same, but it’s all good. What an amazing idea from the mods and Ryan. Just super happy to be included and this feels super special.

  2. Love this sponsor/paint scheme combination. Also fully did not expect my name to be on there for obvious reasons and I was correct 😂

  3. let's see if I can find my name any easier than looking for it on Jimmie Johnson Martinsville car a few years ago.

  4. Found mine! Just finished preparing for hurricane Ian so seeing something fun like this is really lifting my spirits. Thank you so much for doing this. Hoping to have power so I can watch the race this weekend. Good luck!

  5. Love it! Wish more teams did this. I think I remember having my actual name on Tony Stewart’s car one year and a few other cars I can’t remember. Missed out on this one but congrats to everyone that got their name on the car. So cool

  6. My username is an inside joke from way back in middle school, I gotta send this to my friends from back then. They’re gonna die when they see that “Eferver” made it onto a NASCAR race car

  7. Stinks I'm not in the car. Regardless the car looks amazing and I along with all the other redditors appreciate you doing. Hope you and the car do good this weekend. Hope to get good pictures of it.

  8. It had to go through a couple bodies, like anything, and if it was deemed a tad bit questionable or vulgar, they had to be removed.

  9. Now i'm kinda glad i'm not on there, i'd be looking at these pictures all night trying to find myself 😂

  10. I might be seeing this wrong because my eyes are bad and the subject matter is small as hell lol, but...are some of the names blacked out? What's the reason for that? Inappropriate names? Copyright stuff?

  11. This is super cool! Found myself under the left taillight, hopefully we can all make it through the race in one piece. Best of luck this weekend!

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