Conor Daly Announces He’s Going Cup Racing at the Roval

  1. BitNile is not just a crypto company. They've got data centers for all sorts of industries. Also of note, they're listed on the NYSE and have been in business since well before Dale Earnhardt's first Cup race. That's Earnhardt Sr. The company was incorporated in 1969. They're legit.

  2. Let’s see how he adjusts to these absolute bricks that we call stock cars. I’m half sure he’ll adjust just fine, half sure it’ll be loose all the time

  3. I mean, he's driven a couple of truck races before and 1 Xfinity race back in like 2018 or something. He did alright in the truck, finished 18th in his first race which was pretty darn impressive considering it was in 2020 with no practice or qualifying so he was literally taking his first laps ever in the truck when they dropped the green for the race. Second time he was running pretty well and got a little loose and almost had it saved but then it snapped back and he slammed the wall pretty hard. I think he ended up finishing like 40th but he had run inside the top 15.

  4. Not much adjusting to do. He’s been running pretty fast in trucks until something inevitably fucks up his race in the latter stages. Either way the guy knows how to drive a stock car.

  5. Look I love Conor and I’m glad he’s got the opportunity but I really wish NASCAR didn’t allow guys to come into playoff races and make their debuts

  6. Damn thats cool. I wonder where he's going? Maybe with trackhouse and project 91? NY racing? Or the money team? Not sure where else he's going. Thats great hope he does well. I kinda want him to win.

  7. You mean an open wheeler like Kyle Larson or Christopher Bell? (Sprints and Midgets are by definition, open wheel). If you are referring to “Formula” style cars, I can’t think of any recent (within the past 10 years) drivers to be “overhyped”.

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