Auto Racing Analytics on Twitter: Positions Net on Restarts in order of Median Lap Rank #NASCAR #NASCARPlayoffs Faster cars, in general, gain more spots on restarts, but look at some of the big gains in the mid-field: @Justin_Haley_ @Mc_Driver @StenhouseJr @Erik_Jones @BubbaWallace

  1. I miss that podcast, think it’s called “Positive Regrettion”? or something? Idk it helped my point to prove that certain drivers weren’t bad and were being held up by their equipment.

  2. Justin Haley is so underrated! Yeah he’s 22nd in points but his average finish is 18.0 ahead of some notable drivers and his 3 DNF’s weren’t his fault either, engine issues at Kansas and Charlotte and the rain crash at Daytona. If he didn’t have that he would be in the top 20 in points as a rookie on a 1st year cup team.

  3. I dont know if I'm reading this graph correctly. I gotta be honest. Are the names in order of who consistently gains the most positions on restarts? Or do you have to look at the length of the bar to determine who makes the most gains?

  4. The graph is organized on the y axis by MLR, with truex having the fastest, and McLeod having the slowest. The graph is organized by net restart positions on the x, with anything beyond 0 being positions netted and anything less than 0 being positions lost.

  5. Dang! Ace gets flat out ambushed on restarts. If he didn’t drop back there he’d have a heck of a lot better finishes.

  6. They said something on DBC? Or DJD? that made me realize, Austin Dillon is very good at managing his stuff and being there at the end. you almost never see him spinning on his own or wrecking, So when he does get that ‘random’ win it’s partially because he’s made sure he’s ‘there at the end’

  7. Anecdotally it has felt like the 3 team has gambled with 2 tires more than other teams throughout the year. I'd imagine that plays into the number too, and that's not to say it still isn't a net positive by the end of the run.

  8. Bowman doing bowman things - no doubt the bowman fans will pile in and try to convince themselves that he is a top-level driver

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