Adam Stern on Twitter: [email protected] held exploratory talks with @RFKRacing about a prospective partnership as it considered re-entering NASCAR.

  1. How much of RFK is Roush anymore? It seems like Henry is still the money and Brad is now the day to day. Jack is probably more or less the Richard Petty of it all now.

  2. It’s hard to think of Roush car competing in anything other than a Ford but honestly they would be a great candidate to switch just from a competitive standpoint

  3. IIRC Dodge to Roush almost happened once before. There was a rumor around 2002 that Dodge was trying to lure them over. Apparently the two parties reached a compromise where 4 of the Roush cars would still run as Fords but the #99 of Jeff Burton would run as a Dodge. However, I believe Ford stepped in and made sure the deal didn't get done.

  4. Jack roush stood up took his straw hat off pulled out a blicky and shot that mf’er instantly when they proposed it then say back down and mubbled something about brad and the sunday crossword puzzle answer

  5. Of all the teams in the garage RFK (Roush) is the last team I would expect to switch. Roush performance is so tied in to Ford that this change would have been a major shakeup in not only NASCAR but the auto industry.

  6. With how unpredictable this season has been I'm half expecting Evernham to just pop in and announce he's returning as a dodge team, with the drivers you'd least expect.

  7. Even as a big RFK fan I can't even fathom this. Jack has towed the Ford company line for over 60 years and has a big hand in Ford aftermarket performance parts... if they were to switch that would be shocking.

  8. Not just that but Roush-Yates is literally Ford’s engine supplier for NASCAR. Ford would fight like crazy to keep them

  9. I’m of the belief that this was just a “look ford we have other suitors” Roush is so tied to ford I don’t see them leaving. This to me is RFK trying to get more manufacturering support

  10. This is the only way I can make this make sense in my head. “Hey look at what we’ve got, give us more support or we take it” something like that.

  11. I gotta be honest, there are a few teams I could see switching manufactures… there are some that I couldn’t see switching in a million years. Leading the second list would be a team involving Jack Roush.

  12. Trackhouse is the first team that comes to my mind when I think of a new manufacturer. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd reached out to multiple companies before

  13. The Keselowski name and Dodge goes back a lot further than BKR. Bob Keselowski was a Mopar guy through and through.

  14. there must be a Keselowski connection, Jack was Ford’s #1 guy for decades and now when Brad (who won them a title) showed up, just the fact they had conversations is HUGE

  15. It certainly is a Keselowski connection, but at the same time I can’t imagine Jack has been too pleased being left in the dust by the other ford teams funding and technology wise.

  16. realistically i would see SHR as the front runner to switch to dodge. with smoke's relationship with ford rapidly deteriorating and his wife/gf/fiancé is a NHRA dodge factory driver? all the pieces are there for SHR to become a dodge team if they so pleased

  17. I think Stellantis has rejected the idea of racing in NASCAR, but while they were entertaining it, they’re were talking about entering with RFK.

  18. Jack Roush was a Motorsports legend long before he came to Nascar in the 1980's. He co-owned a Pro Stock team in NHRA with Wayne Gapp in the 1970's called Gapp-Roush. Wayne Gapp drove the car and they were Ford backed Pinto's and a 4 door Maverick. They kicked ass during the 70's.

  19. not really that big of a shocker considering how brad felt when dodge left to begin with. its a shame they didnt come back to nascar

  20. On one end, that sounds like that would have been awesome, as the Keselowskis were among the lone Mopar flag bearers for God knows how long. On another end, Roush has been a Ford man since the beginning of time and I don't ever see that changing.

  21. Would Roush Yates have changed to Dodge? Don't they make engines for SHR too? Tony already has a Dodge NHRA team so I could've seen them changing too

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