So Joey Logano is a future hall of famer now?

  1. Yeah. After the qualifying any time one of his challengers got close to him, something's got messed up. Elliott spun, Chastain and Bell had bad pitstops.

  2. Hall of fames in anything are kind of dumb, but especially in sports, which are already statistics driven. They just divide drivers into two classes: HOF and non-HOF. It's obvious any champion will be in. Guys like Edwards will be on the fence, but how much is it really worth anyways?

  3. Carl Edwards with 28 wins is currently the eligible driver with the most wins not to be inducted into the HOF. Joey's already over that.

  4. Depending on how the championship is crowned within the next two decades, I legitimately think he could come close to winning 7.

  5. He was guaranteed that when he won his first title. Rookie of the Year, Daytona 500 winner, 30-time cup winner, 2-time champion, he's achieved more than half the people already in the hall of fame. He'll be first-ballot pick the day he decides to retire.

  6. Not a Logano fan, but his future HoF induction is without question. I think he is still capable of several more championships and he'll definitely collect more double digit wins for his career stats.

  7. Logano was a HoF before this title. He has over 30 Cup wins, a Cup title and a Daytona 500 win. If Buddy Baker, Dale Jr and others are in, Logano was a lock.

  8. Without a doubt, first ballot guy, he's not done yet either. So happy for that dude, I know people hate him but he's an absolute beast behind the wheel. So glad he's well on his way to surpassing anything Matt Kenseth did.

  9. The only exception would be a flash in the pan type of occurrence (which hasn't happened in cup) where you come in win the cup then leave in a very short period. Although that accomplishment could also be seen as a reason to be inducted.

  10. Forget HOF. The bigger question is the odds of him becoming an all timer. 2 time winner and he’s still just 32. He’s got a good 10-12 prime years left. He wins 2 more titles in that time? Which is EASILY possible? Guy will bar none go down as the best driver since Jimmie Johnson.

  11. Set aside the hate, and look at logic and numbers, guys have gotten in with less (Dale Jr for instance) and he could be seen as a hall of famer

  12. Joey who I myself am not a fan of is possibly one of the best all-around stock car drivers ever. Think about the races and the different style cars he has won in and has been the first person to win races in news cars(Gen styles) and tracks as the first person(Bristol, LA) in a lot of things. I have to give him credit his ability to adapt and progress with the new tech and products each year is pretty amazing and not noticed enough.

  13. He’s only going to pad his stats, I can see him getting 1 or 2 more titles. He’s gonna be a Top 10 all time driver

  14. He's been a HOFer ever since Mark Martin called him "Sliced Bread". We are just now finding out what Mark always knew.

  15. Anyone with two titles should automatically get in. Other than Bill Rexford and the guys that are currently ineligible to be inducted (all of them locks to get in), everyone with a title is in the HoF.

  16. Winning a one race “championship” shouldn’t and does not affect your legacy. He was a lock before he finished 2 spots in front of Ross today.

  17. "Shouldnt" you can feel free to debate, but "does not" is totally wrong. For better or worse, the current championship is still what matters

  18. Yeah he’s definitely a hall of fame driver. Two championships by age 32. Over 30 wins. He typically racks up a couple of wins a season so if he drives for another ten years that’s another 30 wins. He should probably be able to make the 50-win club. Just that alone with two championships is a shoe in.

  19. He was before since he’s got better numbers than Bobby Labonte but he also has better or equal numbers to Terry Labonte in 300 fewer races.

  20. I'd say he was already one but definitely one now...he's only the second driver to have multiple championships in a ford...the other driver was David Pearson and he got his last of three in 1969

  21. Give it 50 years, if nascar is even still around and hall of fame selection will be much more rigorous. Nascar just doesn’t have a ton of drivers compared to things like the amount of NFL players.

  22. The problem is on their insistence to induct 5 people every year. First 2 classes should've been 5, but after that it should've been maybe 3, or they use a system similar to the MLB HoF.

  23. Why is this phrased as if it’s in question? Any Cup champion is automatically in at some point. There are drivers with 0 championships that are in because of their success and their impact on the sport.

  24. He was a lock prior to yesterday. Now the question will be where he ends up amongst the all-time greats. Not even in his prime years as a driver yet.

  25. This isn't even a debate. He locked himself into the HOF in 2018 with the title win. This just pushes him further up the list of NASCAR greats.

  26. I wonder how many people would've predicted this discussion to happen after being let go by Joe Gibbs Racing 10 years ago. It's insane how much he's risen as a driver since being the weakest link of the team and how much he elevated the struggling 22 team when he joined.

  27. Two titles, 31 wins, and a 500 win? Just his Cup career alone gets him in. Not to mention his wins in the lower levels.

  28. The word “fame” is sure thrown around freely. Let’s create a hall of “way better than average” for guys like Joey unless he truly dominates for a few years like Earnhart, Sr, Gordon, Petty and a few others.

  29. In 501 Cup starts her has 31 wins, 149 top 5's(29%), 257 top 10's(51%), 2 championships, 1 second place points finish, 6 total top 5 points finishes(out of 14 full seasons) and 9 top 10 points finishes. His worst points finish since leaving Gibbs(where he was 18-22 years old) has been 17th, with all of the other years being 9th or better. Also remember that he's only 32 years old and could certainly go for 10 more years at the Cup level and likely be very competitive.

  30. He is but not from two titles, as championships mean nothing. Wow so impressive you beat 3 drivers in the middle of the desert!

  31. But Sam Ard was one of the best at the level he did compete in, even when some of the best that came "down" to his division he still competed with and could beat them.

  32. Wtf? Richie Evans is hands down one of the best if not the greatest NASCAR Modified driver ever. Mike Stefanik is a 9X NASCAR champion (7 in Mods, two in Busch North).

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