Help! Need ticket buying advice…

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  2. Defferentiating between the 500 and Las Vegas is like choosing between the Super Bowl or a preseason Panthers game. 100% go to the 500 if you can at all afford it. Also sit as high up as possible, the track is so massive that you can’t see to the other side well from the lower sections

  3. This is super helpful, thank you. Unfortunately, it’s looking like it’s pretty far out of my budget to travel all the way from the West Coast to Florida. Hotels are soooo expensive in Daytona that weekend, which makes sense. That, plus any “good” tickets are starting to go above $1000.. woof.

  4. If you end up going to Vegas for the spring race and upper tickets are too pricey. You can always buy cheaper tickets and just sit up top. Usually there are seats open!

  5. I am from Florida and have been to many, many races at Daytona. Yes, it’s the premier race on NASCAR’s circuit. Yes, there’s tons of history. But you have to factor many things in: cost of getting from west coast, cost of event compared to Vegas, and the weather. A significant percentage of races I’ve been to at Daytona have been delayed by weather. I’ve been fortunate that it usually didn’t impact me because I lived within two hours from the track. But if your timeline is tight and you can’t stick around a couple extra days, it’s quite the risk. If money and time aren’t an issue, do it. If money and time is tight, go to Vegas.

  6. I don’t know that they’re all that great. So many other motorsports in this country where you can get all that and more for free with your ticket

  7. RE Vegas, was there in October in Section 2-I row 14. This section is just past start/finish so easy to see most post road action clearly. The infield building blocked out view of cars on the backstretch so maybe 5 rows higher would be better. Vegas stands have a "shelf" in front of the seats to put your food and bevs.

  8. I renew my season tickets for 2-I row 21 every year. The back stretch is mostly viewable from my row, with the exception of about 3 car lengths where the interior staircase emerges to the rooftop.

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