I know he's done well so far but y'all need to settle down

  1. Hey I’m an open and honest Hurts critic but he’s playing extremely well. Made some mistake in week 1 that were frustrating but not game changer but week 2 was some of the best QB play by an Eagle since 2017. Just absolutely unreal. Accurate, good decisions, knew when to rocket it or put some touch, ran efficiently without detailing the offensive game plan, and his only bad mark, the interception, was off a pass that bounced off the receivers hands.

  2. I’m in the same boat. I want Hurts to succeed, but I definitely wasn’t sold on him. He keeps this up and I’ll have to derail his career and buy a jersey!

  3. Wait till the bye week at least haha i will say so far he looks VERY good i didnt see that coming. We will see how the rest of the season goes

  4. I don’t like this from you. It’s not natural. Ugh - Saquon is a pleasure to watch when he’s healthy - why are you doing this to me!?

  5. I mean I get it, but in all fairness they play the schedule they are given. We will see how they ultimately end up, but I fully expect them to take the division this year. HonestlyI expected them to win the division either way given the NFCEast Curse lol

  6. Bro will always have haters. He just bent over two teams to start his full second season as a starter and people are still finding ways to discredit him. I hope y’all Keep this energy all season 😈😈😈

  7. I'm not discounting what Hurts and the Eagles have done so far...but it's not even Week 3, and we see this sort of shit across the league every single year. Remember when everyone was quietly freaking out about Arizona last year?

  8. I mean if you look at our schedule I only see one team that I’m actually scared of. Could see him having an elite type season playing all these bad teams

  9. I don’t see any other NFC East team beating the Lions so we will see. Detroit is hungry this season, I see them only playing better go forward. Glad we played them early tbh.

  10. It’s really funny watching Eagles fans do nothing but make “this is our year” jokes during the off season then go straight into saying “this is our year” after week 2…

  11. Hurts is playing great and my fantasy team thanks him for that but I’m still not convinced that he’s better than Dak and I’m a certified Dak “black Kirk Cousins” hater.

  12. I don't think he's having an mvp I am more glad he's shown improvement and seems more polished and confident if he keeps pace against better team is what I want to see

  13. Lions get hate for no reason when they are a good team. And the vikings were superbowl bound after wk1 but now a bad defense? Good change in narrative.

  14. Yeah, what kind of flimsy uncoordinated gaggle of invalids wouldn’t put up serious offense against Detroit?

  15. Jalen Hurts was the best player on the field last week bar none. Whether or not we made it easy on him shouldn’t matter, because he still had to take advantage of the mistakes

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