Game Thread: Yankees @ Cardinals - August 06, 2022 @ 07:15 PM EDT

  1. Offense is anemic. It’s what’s cost us from going deep into the postseason past few years. This might just be a cold streak, and I hope it is. But idk

  2. 2 Hits against a pitcher we knew firsthand. We rolled out a punt lineup for a prime interleague matchup between the two must successful MLB teams in history who havn't played since 2014. I like Boone and i defend him a lot but playing Hicks locastro and Higgy over Benintendi and Trevino was inexcusable.

  3. Yankees are back to the “feast or famine” play style from 2021. Smh, what a joke. We’re trending downwards.

  4. Thankful we padded out a big lead in the division because without Stanton and Rizzo we really need it. This depleted roster is worse than they looked last year, and last year half the lineup was hitting under .200

  5. Every time I have a night off and I can catch the game we lose. Sorry guys, I'll stop watching games so we can win again

  6. For the last fucking time, we know the Yankees will make the post-season. The concern is what they will do in the postseason. You are what you practice. And for the past month, they've practiced getting fucked in the ass by their likely playoff opponents.

  7. We’re just pissed that we’re 12-17 in our last 29 games. Plus it’s not about the division anymore. It’s about home field advantage against the can beaters

  8. We went from running away with the best record in baseball to possibly having a worse record than the Astros, Dodgers, and Mets by mid next week.

  9. Torres only hits when he is DOWN in the lineup. It motivates him. Whenever he is up in the lineup, his brain gets scrambled and he thinks he is fucking superman!

  10. As a Cards fan, it felt like a playoff game because you guys have had the best team all season. That coupled with us in a tight race with the Brewers all year. This game was huge for us, and shows us we can hang with the best.

  11. Cashman wanted Torres over Lopez. Thanks you stupid fuckface. Not ONE of these trades have panned out. So glad we are keeping prospects you have no intention of promoting

  12. Monty pitching in a shutout the first time against us. This team is fucking pathetic right now. Torres looks like a corpse out there.

  13. For real, I feel like with Sanchez gone, Torres is becoming more and more like him. It’s like we have to have a guy like that always

  14. Y’all still have the best record in MLB in quite possibly the toughest division in MLB history. As a cards fan I envy your team

  15. Judge put together a good ab and missed hittable pitches, but that was so pathetic from Gleyber and donaldson

  16. Bench Torres’ sorry ass tomorrow. Absolute dogshit at bats but these dumb motherfuckers are gonna run him out at cleanup again.

  17. I don’t know I think rizzo and Stanton being out is 2/3 of the big bats. When they get back and it looks like this I’ll be worried

  18. This is why when it comes to trading prospects and a guy like Torres himself for a proven stud like Soto, you do it and say thank you very much to the baseball gods. Not saying the yanks had the assets to get that deal done, but we all better hope they didn’t balk at trading a guy like Torres or volpe/Dominguez/Peraza either

  19. so tired of the way Cash builds this team, always going for half measures, where we don't even really end up saving money at the end.

  20. Just like I said. They were gonna get shut out after that putrid 1st inning. They will get swept tomorrow.

  21. It's sad that we as fans have become accustomed to checking on the Jay's and Astros because we can't win an F'ing game!

  22. Of the many many ridiculous aspects of this game, having Donaldson and Torres batting ahead of Carpenter? Are you fucking kidding me??? How does a manager or whoever makes these lineups know so little about their own team????

  23. Brilliant job by Trashman to blow yet another trade deadline and build yet another $260+ million early playoff exit team.

  24. Keep deluding yourself into thinking your team is good. Yes the yanks are slumping right now, but your current Jays team isn't great either. And you know your stars aren't getting paid when they turn FA :).

  25. Dude is missing every single spot well over the plate and the Yankees just insist upon striking themselves out anyways lmao.

  26. What really pisses me off is that nothing is gonna change. They’ll keep rolling back the same bullshit, Cashman is going to keep his job, and we will keep getting ousted in the first round of the playoffs

  27. This team is fucking embarrassing right now. Stanton needs to get back ASAP and see what happens, because it seems the life is not there with him out

  28. Torres is far too eager, why are you going up there swinging away when he's been out of the strike zone on purpose??

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