[The Athletic] The Yankees are expected to bring back GM Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone, according to SNY reports.

  1. Shocked, it’s not like we’ve all been saying it’s not about winning the World Series anymore….

  2. Not spending a penny on this team going forward. Second hand jerseys, crackstreams, no games, no merchandise.

  3. Gross. They said it best on TMKS yesterday. You can’t keep telling the fans that the goal is winning a World Series but then make no substantial changes when you fail to reach the World Series for 13 consecutive years. We don’t believe you anymore.

  4. Everyone deep down knew this would happen. And even if half of us say we’ll stop going to game or buying merch, it won’t put the tiniest dent in Hal’s profits and he won’t give a shit.

  5. The Yankees are always in the top three of spending and don’t have anything to show for it over the last 13 years. The issue is not their willingness to spend it’s that they don’t construct their roster well.

  6. Next year we hit 14. The two biggest gaps without a World Series are 18 years (78-96) and 15 years (62-77). Wow they really are gonna set a record

  7. More and more fans are financially boycotting the team, which is great. Eventually it WILL put a dent in Hal’s bottom line. I’ve been doing it since late 2017.

  8. I think this is the best way to get their attention. Fans stop spending money on the team. Empty stands at home games will definitely send a message

  9. God damn I thought he was like 10 years older. He started with the team when he was 19. He’s known absolutely nothing but how things are done here and has no internal pressure to change. Fuck.

  10. Mental health is decreasing. Can’t wait to sign Pujols to a 2/100milly deal and lose Judge to the Dodgers.

  11. “While Judge struggled to hit homers 61 and 62, Pujols went on a late season tear. He clearly showed there’s plenty left in the tank and we can’t wait see what he’ll do in pinstripes” ~ Cashman, probably

  12. Not surprised. Someone joked the Yankees are actually a hat/merch company and the team is just advertising. Felt like Neo when he woke up after he the joke—every decision is geared toward maximizing profits with minimum risk. They consider this year a success.

  13. It's incredible to me how you can fail 13 years straight and still keep your job. I can't think of any other job where there is no accountability no matter how long you fail at it. We're all in the wrong industry, start applying to work for the Yankees org

  14. Hal doesn’t give a shit about the fans, never has and never will. As long as the money continues to roll in(and it will) that’s all he’s concerned about.

  15. 2022 was the 1st season where I only went to a single game since 1996 and I didn't actually pay for my tickets. Got a feeling next year will be similar.

  16. I cannot bring myself to be emotionally invested in another season of Yankees baseball with Aaron Boone at the helm

  17. I don't know how anyone in their right mind doesn't see how Brian Cashman is the one to blame for the continued playoff offensive failures over the last 7 years. It's been proven. These guys can't hit the Houston Astros, so either change the approach or change the guys. He's done a shitty job at both of these things. He should be fired.

  18. Cashman needs to go. Any manager under Cashman’s FO will just be Boone 2.0. Time to start fuck Cashman chants at the game so Hal gets it through his thick skull

  19. I hate to be this way but if this is true.. I’m done. I’m sick of the same old bullshit every single year. Hal will not be getting a single cent out of me until I see change in this organization.

  20. I mean, if it was gonna happen, then wouldn't it have happened by now? What would be the point in holding off with the season already over for the Yankees?

  21. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Then the team will re-sign Judge. Make a move that will surprise you and you will back in. I have heard this same bullshit before, The hook always pulls you back.

  22. This wouldn’t hurt so bad if I didn’t grow up watching the most determined to win team in all of sports, how are these two so soulless that they don’t respect that in the least? If I wanted to see a team choke every time the pressure was on I’d just watch my alma mater in any sport at all.

  23. Welp, this news is expected but still disappointing. I think it's obvious Hal doesn't give a FUCK about the fans. In fact, I bet he thinks this year was a colossal success because he got all that sweet, sweet revenue from the home run chase. The whole organization is so far removed from what I grew up with and learned to love.

  24. Boone has got to go man Jesus how much can you fail and keep a job 🤦🏻‍♂️ man’s been garbage since day one we were just a more talented team when he started so it covered it up. Never wanted him since day 1

  25. Fans should just stop showing up to games or watch YES, Apple, Prime. It’s clear Hal and the rest do not care about winning a WS why support this crap.

  26. Definition of insanity. No change expecting different results. If I were a NYY fan I’d be pissed. What if the whiff on FA signings?!?!

  27. Cash is just a flat out bad GM. Any one could build a playoff team with tue budget he has. Too bad his teams are allergic to the playoffs. He’s good for one or two trades or signing a year. Fire everybody

  28. I only went to one Yankee game this year. It was when Michael Kopech no hit us for like 7 innings and Tim Anderson hit a fuck you 3 run homer. It gave me a feeling that I was no longer interested in this franchise. Because it’s the same story every season.

  29. If this is the case, we should start thinking of posting wild card berths and divisional titles around the stadium because we won't win another WS with these two.

  30. What a slap in the face of the fans. They know they can do whatever they want with no consequences to their bottom line. I can’t devote time to this team next year. I will treat the season like I should have and just follow the team by looking at highlights. If they make the playoffs I’ll tune in then. Idc what type of “fan” that makes me. Sorry, “die hards.”

  31. Hal, Cashman and Boone are all on the same page when decisions get made, so why would Hal then fire Cashman and Boone when the decisions don’t work out? He was part of the decision making process. That would require a level of self-awareness or burning desire to win that Hal has never displayed.


  33. Everyone is citing the same report. I'm not saying it's bullshit because even Francesa said on his pod cast that the people he knows/talked to in the org said they're coming back but don't these other people have their own sources to use instead of relying on the Mets network?

  34. Not that I wanna keep Cashman, but part of me would love to see the reaction if they fired him and missed the playoffs for 10 straight years.

  35. The only vote we have is our money. If they decided to tank the payroll, be in last place for the foreseeable future, and basically become the Pirates, are we just supposed to keep showing up and buying $30 chicken buckets and $20 flat beer? Just buy the merch and line Hal’s pockets? Having seen Yankee Stadium in the late 80s and early 90s , the answer is no. No one will show up. No one will give a shit about the Yankees. Yankee fans have an expectation for winning and putting the best toward a championship. That’s the whole NYY brand. They still promote themselves as such, though they don’t take it seriously. But fans do. Eventually the disconnect will happen, and fans will stop going, or the changes needed will be made. It may take a while, and may take the Yankees being outright bad, but it will happen.

  36. Fuck me. I wasn’t mad at the sweep because at least that would make some front office changes but of course Cashman has a firm grasp on Hals cak. Another disappointing year incoming. Hope the dodgers sign Judge

  37. Does this save $ so the organization can throw a shit load of 💰 at Judge who will turn it down anyway as he moves onto the next chapter in his career.

  38. Using the Yankees as a checkbook just because they know the fans are loyal to a fault is disgusting

  39. Both Boone and Cashman hold their share of blame. Also, it can’t be understated, the players didn’t hit. Only guys that showed up for the playoffs were Bader and Rizzo. Judge, Stanton, Donaldson, Gleyber; all of em, sub-.200 BA and simple mistakes on defense that cost runs. There’s no accountability anywhere. Mediocrity has become the new success and I gotta tell y’all, it’s fucking embarrassing being a Yankees fan when this is what the team puts out on the field

  40. Tone deaf move if true. Even if conceding that Boone is mainly a mouthpiece, he spectacularly failed at that this post-season. From throwing one of the most productive players under that bus (Bader), blaming a roof that was open for both teams, to not holding players accountable he failed as a manager of players.

  41. Nothing will fundamentally change until Cashman is gone. They can forget about me watching next year.

  42. By keeping the same lame brains in leadership, they are giving us the same results. I watched last year (and will again next year), but my expectations have never been lower. I know they are not good enough, I know Cashman isn't the man for the job. This past year was the first year I didn't go to any games since the 80's (i even saw spring training in the covid year before shut down).

  43. Theo Epstein or Derek Jeter to replace Cashman—whatever it takes to make sure you get either. Let them pick their manager, though I’d love Mattingly or David Cone.

  44. If they’re bringing them back at least fire the FO and get some fresh blood in there, seeing that these people have been in since 2004 is concerning and a big reason why we’re not winning any time soon

  45. Im gonna be honest....I thought Cash was a good GM...but I really have questioned moves over the years. I didn't mind passing on Machado or Harper....13 years for Harper....I know he's good....but let's be real...your paying way over and quite a few of those years you aren't getting a good ROI. But to me...Michael Kay had a good point. .if you wanted Sanchez gone....Release him. Instead you gave up Urshela who HITS...and took on a lot of money in Donaldson....what did he give us this year? You took om a catcher who you k ew was injured and never played a a game. You took a shit shortstop....I like Rizzo...but let's be real here.....all these pieces...NOW you are going to try and keep judge....if nothing else chnages...which we know it wont.....this performance we had will repeat...because no one here hits when it matters. When judge doesn't hit...no one does.

  46. I watched probably 150+ full games this year. Move doesn’t surprise me, but don’t see myself tuning in nearly as much unless cashman operates completely differently this offseason and with volpe peraza jasson etc. As cliche as it is, investing our time into this team when they repeat the same dumb ass problems and do nothing to close the gap on why we actually lose to astros year after year is insanity.

  47. Should this happen fans need to stop watching baseball and don't support the team until they get fired, it's that simple. Yankees will ok ntinue to embarrass themselves and waste ppl time until they are fired,. I myself stopped watching baseball games and almost 3 years of no Giants football till they cleaned house. Time to rebuild and get rid of dead weight starting with Donaldson and IKF

  48. It's telling that the ONLY people reporting anything is Andy Martino, who works for SNY. You know, the METS network. Clearly spreading propaganda for Steve Cohen and Co. Fuck off, Andy.

  49. Look at what the Giants (football) did and how it’s working for them. Yes, it’s a different sport, but it just goes to show that a change in GM and Coach/Manager can be effective.

  50. Fans have the power to stop this insanity. Ticket sales. Merchandise. YES network etc etc. LET’S DO IT

  51. The ONLY way to show your displeasure with ownership is to hit them in their pockets: stop going to games, stop buying merch, stop paying to watch them on TV. Money is the only thing they care about so take it away & they will be forced to listen.

  52. TV revenue has us by the base of our snardleys. Nothing will change as long as Hal keeps making a fortune.

  53. This is alarming. The Yankees are one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world. The owner decides that he wants to run the franchise cheaply instead of maximizing resources to get as far in the postseason as possible. The mindset of "the Yankees have one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world. Tickets, merchandise, etc. will still be sold even if the Yankees don't win the World Series or have subpar years. Taking advantage of the brand's recognizability/popularity isn't good.

  54. so continue rolling with the GM who is good enough to win games in the regular season and then shit the bed come playoff time

  55. Why I was hoping we’d lose to Cleveland. I knew we’d lose to Houston and I was hoping an ALDS loss to a Cleveland team that was playing it safe with their ace might force Hal’s hand. But after seeing how quickly they’re leaking out that both are coming back after an embarrassing sweep to our rival it looks like even that wouldn’t have been enough. Unreal.

  56. We have cashmans biggest prospect coming up and Boone had a winning season with a win in a playoff series. We need A LOT more than to get rid of these two. Might as well just have hope.

  57. hal and cashman have literally no self awareness. They’re going to take every small positive that happened this season and view it as an overall success even though the team didn’t win the championship. They’ll look at all the negatives and find some sort of excuse (injuries, scheduling, etc) as to why they didn’t win more games. It’s been this way since 2010 and it’ll be that way until Hal sells or Cashman leaves

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