1. Former sufferer from severe lice phobia (used to be my biggest fear) and nanny who has deloused many heads. I have experience learning under a lice professional on lice prevention when you’re directly exposed.

  2. My scalp has never been better (I have psoriasis) than when I had to do lice treatments. I have super thick, super curly hair so the treatments took forever but no skin issues!

  3. Blow dry your hair at the roots everyday, tea tree oil shampooI and wearing your hair up. I swear by this, my hair is extremely long and have managed to avoid lice a few times

  4. Wear your hair up at all times. I prefer a high bun or french braids. Nix doesn't work. A far better solution is to get cheap conditioner and a decent lice comb (pharmacy or Amazon) and then comb the hair section by section to get the eggs out. It's gross, but very effective. Then when I shower I use the lice comb as well

  5. My sisters and I got lice all the time as kids from school. We all had the hair types lice love. While I don’t have any preventative medicine since it’s been a while, I just wanted to add that while you are doing the overnight, you’re head is likely going to itch. You’re probably going to think it’s the lice, but more than not it’ll be more like phantom itches.

  6. Yes the phantom itches! I’m getting them just reading this post lol I’ve never had lice but I’ve been around a few NKs I didn’t know had lice until it was too late

  7. I’m definitely getting phantom itches while reading this 😂 My siblings and I had lice probably 5 summers in a row when we were young. We kept catching it from eachother

  8. Vamousse spray is a preventative measure. I have used it for NK when they have been infected from school. They were not reinfected like other classmates. Some children in the class were infected 3 times!

  9. Oh man! Lice is the absolute worst! My last NF went through many, many rounds of it. We learned from the school nurse that lice have adapted in such a way that Nix doesn’t kill them anymore 🤢 What worked the best was a homeopathic treatment called Quit Nits and a really durable lice comb. I hope you don’t get it, but it can be managed pretty well if you do pick it up. You have to treat everything! Stuffies in a trash bag for two weeks, everything else washed and dried on hot. You have to vacuum the car seats, wash the backpacks, coats, hats. I also found that washing the bedding (hot/hot) daily for the first few days helped a lot. Good luck!

  10. Use tea tree oil in your shampoo, use a straightener/iron on your hair (the heat kills the eggs). My sibling got lice a few times as a kid, they LOVED their hair and my mom always did the tea tree oil and put mayonnaise in their hair, then a bag on top so that the lice couldn’t breathe. I was super lucky, I never got lice but I either always had my hair up or straightened it.

  11. You need to explain how lice is transferred to the girls to stop the social infection not just for the household. The school should send out info and updates to stop the spread.

  12. Do you have any sort of silk scarf / head scarf? I would wrap my head in a scarf, shower with tea tree oil, and don’t wear the clothes you wear at their house outside until you wash them

  13. I would wrap my hair up in a scarf or wear a high bun & apply tea tree oil to your hair/scarf if you use it. Then make sure to put everything to wear in a garbage bag & if you can strip your clothes when you get home & throw them all in the washer on high heat. I’m a crazy so I personally would wash my clothes twice but that’s probably not necessary

  14. let your hair be a little dirty or even put some argan oil in it and braid it , maybe put it up with some clips. Lice don't like dirty hair, for some reason they really like clean fluffy hair. Maybe because it's easier to attach to , I forgot the reason but it's true. You could also wear your hair under one of those little nylon caps they have at the dollar store , those are also good to sleep in to prevent frizzies.

  15. I pulled my hair back in tight French braids put a shit ton of hair spray in my hair (recommended by a friend) and I am not taking of two shower caps on my hair.

  16. GARBAGE BAGS!! bag every single piece of clothing when you get home and tie the top tightly in a knot (not with strings since you’ll need to reopen it). any lice on the clothing will eventually suffocate. same for like, tapestry things- if you have any large fabric pieces, i would briefly put them away just in case

  17. Wet your hair, put a full handful of gel in and slick it down. Then a bun, handful of gel down the length and twist it up. Like you want it to be rock hard like a helmet. Then I’d probably put a scarf or something over as well.

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