MB keeps changing schedule last minute and then denying it

  1. Honestly, I would leave at 1 for your appointment, and I’d start looking for a new job asap. I absolutely understand not wanting to risk this job until you have something lined up, but if MB pulls this I wouldn’t be surprised if she lets you go immediately over something pointless, she doesn’t sound very trust worthy and I’m not sure how much job security you have with her.

  2. Tell her very clearly that it is not your responsibility to keep checking the schedule to see if she’s changed it. Tell her you will only honor the original schedule and any changes she would like to make, she needs to ASK you. Tell her you will not be spoken to this way. Start looking for a new job.

  3. Mb, I cannot change my appointment and will be leaving at 1pm,as originally agreed and stated in the photo. In future, please notify me of any changes to the schedule when theyboccur.

  4. Are you paid under the table? If you aren’t, text or email her correspondences regarding this schedule change and that you need to leave at 1. If she fires you because she changed the schedule without telling you and you’ve got documentation to prove it, that would be a good case for drawing unemployment depending on where you live.

  5. I had a manager do this to me repeatedly. He tried to chew me out for being late in front of the corporate guy that was visiting and I just pulled out my phone and showed my manager’s boss the pictures I’d taken of the schedule on the day he’s required to post it. He was fired for that. In other words, your MB is a super shitty boss. I’d start looking for a new job asap.

  6. “There will be consequences “ is a very much so Fuck around and find out- sentiment. Meaning, she fucked around with threats, she finna find out she lost a nanny.

  7. I would keep my appointment. She might fire you if you do, or it could be a healthy exercise of your boundaries because if you don’t say “no, I’m leaving at 1pm,” she’ll continue to walk all over you & cross boundaries. It’s a shittt situation, so my heart goes out to you. All that being said, I’ve been fired for setting boundaries before. It fucking sucks. Good luck, OP!

  8. There will be consequences. Consequences for her. She can figure out backup care, tell her you’re leaving at 1 as originally scheduled and it’s up to her to figure out the extra hour. I would leave at 1pm and start looking for other jobs while you wait for your appt

  9. If they changed it at any point after it was originally created, then it should have been communicated to you right away. The fact she just thinks you need to check is stupid. She sounds like someone who will try to take advantage again and again and find any little thing wrong to fire you. You can't miss you appointment. I would say "we need to find a better way to commucate schedule changes. I cannot miss this appointment and will be leaving at 2." They need to find some sort of back up care or something. I have had MBs do this to me in the past and it was a nightmare. I would start looking.

  10. "There will be consequences?" This threat is unacceptable. Do what you need to do to keep the income you need now but definitely prepare your exit and when you do leave say, "There's consequences for gaslighting and lying."

  11. That's a threat and I don't work for people who vaguely threatened my livelihood. I'd keep my appointment and start looking for a new job.

  12. Update: MB did not return by 12:45 so I called her and she did not answer. DB works out of town so I could not contact him. I called grandma and she was able to come over so I was able to make my appointment on time. I text MB and asked for my final pay cheque and told her I would not be returning after this incident. For those wondering I did have guaranteed hours and am paid on the books. I have been a nanny for many years and am working on my masters, I don’t need to be treated this way but just wanted some reassurance I wasn’t out of line here. I have never been spoken to like this by a parent so I was taken back. MB is a very powerful woman and I don’t think she’s use to things not going her way.

  13. What was her response!!!? Good for you for quitting, that was uncalled for and you deserve better than that. Hope you find a new job quick.

  14. If she doesn’t inform you of changes it’s her fault. There needs to be a process for changes, she can’t expect you to re-check the times for every day, every single day.

  15. The concern I would have is what happens if she simply does not turn up at 1pm to relieve you for your appointment ? I’m not even sure I’d risk going in!

  16. I was already in when we had this discussion and she did not return in time for me to leave. Luckily I called Grandma and she came to relieve me.

  17. Call her out on it and start applying for other jobs. Tell her she needs to be home by 1245 or you're calling CPS to report an unattended child bc you're leaving at 1

  18. “Hey MB/DB! I’m so sorry there was a miscommunication! I have an appointment at 1 so I have to leave at 1. I take a picture of the finalized schedule on (Day). If there’s a change after (Day), text or call me and we can discuss it! Thank you so much!”

  19. MB, I have decided that the ‘consequences’ for your blatant disregard for me, conniving and thinly veiled threats is a loss of a nanny….thanks and have the day that you deserve!

  20. The photo on your phone should have a time and date stamp. Show it to her and let her know you don’t appreciate the threat. Any changes to the schedule should be a question they present you with rather than an assumption. I’d also look for another job cause MB sounds like a jerk

  21. This is gaslighting. She’s taking advantage of you, and then lying about it. Then when you questioned her she used threats to control you. Tbh this is narcissistic behavior. She knows exactly what she’s doing. The way she spoke to you when you approached her is not only inappropriate but disrespectful. I would feel supremely uncomfortable working for them after this encounter.

  22. Good for you for knowing your worth and sticking up for yourself! You’re setting an excellent example for all of us on here and it makes me so happy to see us Nannies not letting crazy bosses walk all over us. You should be proud of yourself. There are plenty of jobs out there though sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, but no job is worth being belittled and treated like you’re lesser than.

  23. She made the initial schedule...to change it, she needed to ask you first if it was okay. If the roles were reversed, she would not accept that treatment. Good riddance!

  24. I feel you made the right decision. For the future I'm sure you now know to have employer ask you before changing schedule.

  25. I would laugh myself out of the fucking house if I was treated/spoken to that way. Definitely leave at 1 and definitely start looking for a new job. Good luck op❤

  26. Honestly, I’d keep working, until you find something else. It’s no fun not having money. Try and work around the hours she’s changed, until you can leave. She is being awful, and if I was petty, I wouldn’t tell her you’re resigning; but on your last day, just white out your hours, and write “Nannies last day”.

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