🔥 The Marine Iguana

  1. That first part is scary as hell. That thing looks really scary and is something I expect to see tonight in my nightmare.

  2. What in the actual fuck. It's about the time of year when I hate living where I do. You know, where it gets cold enough that your balls shrivel up to the back of your head? Then I see shit like this and the cold isn't too bad.

  3. Seen them in real life(i lived in Ecuador and went to visit Galapagos), instead of seeing them swim all i saw were a few dozens of them sleeping in the beach all day lol, i was probably visiting in the boring part of the year for them though

  4. I had my glasses off and wondered how that sloth got underwater. Then I put them back on and marveled at how small Godzilla was.

  5. There's a whole series of movies about exactly that. Marine iguana gets irradiated by underwater nuclear tests, grows to 400 feet, destroys Tokyo, and later fights other kaiju.

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