🔥 aussie fisherman caught strange looking shark at a depth of 2,133 feet underwater

  1. I assume the pressure change fucked his shape up and also imagine dying while bring dragged over 2000 feet in depth to the surface as your body starts to change like that... Jesus christ...

  2. I'm not sure. It looks like a bluntnose six-gilled shark to me (requin griset in French) mosfly because of its mouth.

  3. Animal brought up from high depts change shape due to the pressure difference. The blob fish looks normal at its natural depth, but looks like a blob at the surface.

  4. Imagine putting a human in space without a suit and having their body get fucked up by the lack of pressure and extreme temperature, then taking a picture and saying “wow look at this weird looking mammal, it’s been voted the most ugly mammal ever!”

  5. Plus this fish was hooked. It's not uncommon for sharks and other fish to have their teeth pulled out of their faces when hooked and reeled. That plus the pressure change is going to put the fish through some shit.

  6. Yeah it looks like a deepsea roughskin shark just pulled up real fast, it does not look like a cookie cutter but I can see why people think that

  7. Yeah, a good example of getting this wrong is in the Anime One Piece. In the episodes where they use bubble coat to sail to the underwater island of fishmen at the bottom of the sea, it shows a blobfish in blob form. I was like, pshh. so unrealistic. Obviously the fish would be compressed.. I also spend a lot of time indoors.

  8. That’s true but that’s not the case in this instance. That’s a goblin shark, a really weird looking shark even at depths. This is what they look like all the time not just when they are brought to the surface. Although I have to admit, it’s pretty strange looking 😂.

  9. That's what I want to know. How did what I'm presuming to be an average fisherman catch a shark that lives about half a mile down?

  10. I've heard of divers using harpoons to catch fish in more shallow waters. I don't know how he got so deep, but fisherman gotta fish.

  11. Cookie cutter sharks are assholes tbh, they spend their time taking chunks out of bigger fish and then leaving

  12. Yeah I don’t really agree with super deep water fishing. You can’t put him back. And you know they don’t eat them.

  13. Aren't cookie cutter sharks the ones that latch onto bigger fish and take a round bite out? This honestly looks like the goblin shark a bit

  14. I had a shark book as a kid in the 80s. I loved the Goblin Shark and the Cookie-Cutter Shark because they were so strange. I also had an irrational fear that I would have a cookie-cutter take a biscuit shaped hole out of my leg when swimming.

  15. I dive with sharks and that’s the shark I’m most afraid of coming across. They take huge chunks out of larger fish/mammals and run away. They’re not afraid of anything. They’ll just swim up, take a huge chunk and haul ass. And even scarier, they’re most common at night. Reason number 17848583 not to swim around the ocean at night lol Big sharks will at least advertise that you’re in trouble. Those little fuckers are sneaky

  16. As seen on "QI" Series O Episode 3- Tangent: Christopher Bird from Southampton University and Ali Hood of the Shark Trust talk about some shark-related items they have brought with them. These include a cookie-cutter shark ... which is capable of biting holes into submarines. They normally eat whales and big fish, but will sometimes attack a submarine by mistake. Only one person had been killed by a cookie-cutter shark, and they were swimming at night.

  17. Biting holes in the rubber coating that some submarines have to reduce reflected sound, not actually into the steel or titanium of the actual submarine itself. QI, being QI…

  18. It probably looked even worse when it was actually in the deeper depths of the ocean. These deep ocean animals are known to kinda inflate and bloat a bit when they get dragged to the surface.

  19. Looks much more like that tbh. The cookie cutter has a much slimmer head and this one doesn’t have the lips around the teeth. Eyes are spot on too

  20. I thought it was a cookie cutter shark at first but after looking at the pics it clearly is not one and is a ninja lanternshark like you've said.

  21. I think you're right. They have some similarities but the lanternshark in the Wiki link looks too close to the photo OP shared to be denied.

  22. Looks like a cookie cutter shark to me, unlike most sharks, they are parasites, they feed on larger marine animals but doesn’t kill them

  23. Genuinely intrigued, it feeds on larger Marine animals but doesn't kill them? So it takes large chunks of them and then let's them be? Should be called asshole shark.

  24. 100% what I thought of. I loved this movie a kid. I only just recently rewatched this clip because I was watching soemthing else with Steve Zahn in it and was flooded with memories of his dumb shark laugh

  25. According to Dr. Matt Walsh, this is a fake photo. No fucking way that shark has dark skin. Science mother fuckers!

  26. That’s a cookie cutter shark. You can tell by the teeth. The bites from these leaves a circular chunk missing. The scars can be seen on whales, dolphins and other sharks. They’ve also left marks on the hulls of submarines. Weird things!

  27. that's a cookie cutter shark, nasty little dudes chomping on mostly mammals and big fishes meat with their razor teeth.

  28. At first, I thought it looked like a Goblin Shark but I looked up photos and the snout is much longer on a Goblin Shark.

  29. This is a cookie cutter shark isn't it? I believe theres only ever been one recorded atack on a person. This person was also swimming at night in deep ocean waters.

  30. Thats a cookie cutter shark iirc the teeth make cookie cutter like wholes in larger sharks whales and dolphins

  31. Pretty sure that's a cookie cutter shark given how the jaw is set, it's size, and the depth. If I'm right fun fact. The cookie eats by tearing off chunks of much larger animals, like whales. We discovered their bite makes first as odd circle shaped marks on the sides of submarines.

  32. Cookie cutter and a few people have had some nasty run ins with them in the ocean. They leave a very distinct bite that is quite deep and gruesome. Saw an video once about a boy who was swimming in the surf and started screaming in pain because one took a nasty chunk of his calf.

  33. I'm not familiar with deep-water fish/creatures but I think that's a goblin shark. Though I’m not 100% sure. Their mouths are extendable for grabbing prey

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