[Request] Would you recommend the OA ?

  1. There are a lot of comments saying the end of season 1 was so stupid it made them not watch season 2, and I don’t blame them at all… however season 2 really made that ending make sense, and was pretty stellar throughout.

  2. I exactly felt this way. I put off S2 because the end of S1 was just ... urgh. But once I got into S2? Absolutely stellar. It actually makes me sad that I'm not going to see the end of Steve's storyline

  3. The OA does require some open-mindedness going into it, but man it’s definitely worth it. This show is just absolutely bonkers in all the right ways. The way the series ended just had my jaw drop

  4. It really sucked they didn't get one more season to wrap things up. But ya I agree with everything you said.

  5. I feel like I'm the only one that thought season 2 fell apart and went completely off the rails. There dozens of plot events that were mentioned once and never went anywhere and by the end of the season it was such a mess that it stopped making any sense.

  6. I feel like it’s kind of unconventional - though that helps with originality - and maybe polarizing. I enjoyed the show and was very disappointed about its cancellation. However, some people thought it was too ambitious and unable to carry through that ambition.

  7. I personally found it to be incredibly strange and weirdly affecting. It goes a lot of oddball places but for me, it worked and I am sad that I never got to see the story fully resolve. It is beautifully shot. If you like stuff like The Leftovers, it might be good for you.

  8. It’s so bizarre I love it, and easy to watch. It’s something you won’t forget which is neat. I still do the damn tongue thing sometimes from the dance lol.

  9. It has a cult following for a reason. Though I will say it's not for everyone too. Give it like 3 eps and see how you feel.

  10. Eps 4-5 are where it really picks up and goes off the rails though, I'd say the end of Episode 5 is where most people are firmly either in or out.

  11. Yes, I love it! It's weird as hell in a good way, and I was so sad they cancelled it. I don't wanna give too much away so I'd say go into it knowing as little as possible. Some people didn't like the second season as much but I loved it too. Unfortunately I think the budget was big and it was quite a cult show so netflix got rid of it. RIP

  12. i loved the first season and liked the second. it’s a good watch. just know that it was canceled so don’t go into it expecting a nice resolution at the end.

  13. I'm a big fan of The OA and was absolutely furious when the show got canceled. And it's still worth watching even though the story has never been properly wrapped up. (Also, I actually loved the ending of season 1 but I admit I only know two other people in person who did, too. Lots of people didn't like it.) I think if you liked Dark you should definitely give The OA a try. And there are folks like me out there who enjoyed The OA more than Dark. As far as I am concerned, The OA is one of the best shows ever made.

  14. Gotta agree with you there, I think it’s one of the best shows ever made. Loved the ending of the first season as well, the ambiguity of it all. I thought about it for a long time after I had finished it

  15. I loved the ending too. It was such a shock i had no idea what was going on until the very end which made it so exciting IMO.

  16. It’s definitely not for everyone but I think OP will know within one episode if it’s worth their time. I really enjoyed it and was also bummed when it was canceled.

  17. Man how the hell were they going to wrap things up? From what I remember they just kept going more and more layers deep of "meta" until they were so far up their own ass that there was no way that they could've resolved it in a satisfying manner.

  18. IMO its almost nothing like Dark but still an amazing show. The music score, the characters, and the mindbending concepts make this my all time favorite show. 1000000/10 recommend

  19. Leaving a beloved story unfinished is criminal. I wish one could sue Netflix for this. They should, at the very least, release a document showing the final resolution of the story if they cancel it mid-flight.

  20. I felt the OA had a lot of potential but failed to live up to it. After a while it became clear that the overall idea was unclear to the creators and they meandered around trying this and that, circling around some big ideas but leaving them unexplored.

  21. The first season was GREAT. the second was a little disappointing (IMO suspension of disbelief was a bit too much). But still worth the watch. As a plus, Phyllis Smith (the office) is a real gem in this show.

  22. Phyllis Smith killed it in the second season. Agreed that the first season is one of my all time favorite shows. The second season kind of takes away some of what made the first season so good. The second season is enjoyable but didn't touch the first season in terms of quality. You may even be better off ending it after season 1 if someone doesn't ever pick up the remaining 3 seasons (come on HBO MAX get the rights from Netflix and send Marling some money to make 3, 4 5!)

  23. Glitch is amazing. Netflix has all 3 seasons and yes the story finishes. I love the OA and Glitch has the same sci fi/supernatural elements.

  24. It has a very particular aesthetic that i woild call "sincere arty drama". I found it to be well made, but the style made my wife and I laugh out loud. Did nit finish season one. I mention this just to add a counterpoint to the many posts from people who really loved the style. To me it's a flavor, and it's OK if you like or dislike that flavor. Good luck!

  25. YES. Its different and imaginative and beautiful. But it's twice as far from traditional sci-fi as Dark is. Also, canceled on a sort of a cliffhanger after season 2 so just pretend they live happily ever after...

  26. First season was great, except for the final episode. That really sucked, and made the whole season seem like a joke. It took the fun out of the series for me, so I never watched season 2.

  27. First season is pretty good. Definitely one of those "I'm three episodes in and have no fucking idea what is going on" types of shows.

  28. It starts off as good as any show, then for most of its run its kinda weird. Then the end of the second season it has a real wow moment, but then got cancelled. lol

  29. I loved it because it’s so fucking weird but also so brilliantly put together but I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s unsatisfactory and unfinished

  30. I liked it, but didn’t love it. And it sucks that it was cancelled, because the end of season 2 had a pretty cool reveal and it would’ve been interesting to see where they took it going forward.

  31. The OA is one of my favorite shows ever. There was supposed to be more than 2 seasons but Netflix dropped the ball. It’s disappointing in that way but I still give it a 10/10

  32. I remember liking the show enough to watch the first season until its final episode, but the ending of that first season's finale and what they were building up to was so laughably stupid that I was mad at myself for wasting my time.

  33. I know the top rated comments says it, but the ending in season 1 is so catastrophically cringe that you'll be angry at investing time in it.

  34. I can never believe the comments when this show gets brought up. For me it’s one of my all time stupidest shows I have seen, and I wouldn’t trust the advice of anyone who recommended it. But your experience may vary

  35. totally agree. i knew the moment i saw this post reddit would all tell OP its great and to watch it. except its not. why do you think no one really talks about it? because its bad. no, OP, I would not recommend it. no, its not some magical hidden gem with no flaws.

  36. Haha, this. Somr people on Reddit praised this show with fanatic enthusiasm so I was naturally curious, and forced myself through a whole season. What the hell did I watch? I completely missed something cuz this was the corniest show I have ever seen.

  37. I really enjoyed the OA. And despite all it's weirdness and the non-continuation of the series, I could follow it much better than Dark. I watched the OA till the end and I'm satisfied with how things progressed. I stopped watching Dark at some point because I got lost with all those timelines. I still think I'll get back to Dark though.

  38. I'm conflicted on this show. It feels like they were just making it weird and awful on purpose. The way they write the show into a corner and then just throw out an impossible solution is ridiculous. But I loved every second of it despite how stupid it is.

  39. It's total cheese. If you have a bottle of wine with it, it may not be so bad. It's nowhere near as good as Dark, not even in the same league. Barely made it through the first season. Definitely not watching anymore after that. Plus, it was canceled before they ended the story, so what would be the point anyway?

  40. It starts interesting, then gets quite preposterous, then has one scene that's so terrifying I starting having a little cry, then

  41. It's a typical Netflix film in the sense that it has a really interesting beginning. Then the story starts to unfold and the middle doesn't answer questions. By the end things have fallen apart so the only conclusion is something ridiculously stupid.

  42. I didn’t think season one was a complete failure but the ending had me laughing out loud at how stupid it was. It made me feel like the entire show was a waste of time in a way no other show has made me feel. I never watched season 2 though, didn’t even know there was one.

  43. "Live up to your name" On Netflix, long Korean series, subtitled. I honestly think it's the best subtitled foreign flick I've ever seen. Perfect ending.

  44. Season 1 was good until the dance moves but I’m weird. My wife and I didn’t attempt the second season bc the ending of the first. I would recommend the first season

  45. Its much better than it should be. And if they had been able to finish it, I suspect it would be even better...I was very, very skeptical. I started S1 with no expectations, or maybe even I expected to be disappointed, then by the end of it, I was really, really impressed by how much I liked it. It has an element of reality to it that many sci-fi series simply lack by glossing over the mechanics/reality of the ideas they want to use.

  46. My honest opinion is treat it like Saw. Pretend there was never anything past the first. IMO ending with season 1 would have been okay, but season 2 made me excited for a resolution that never came.

  47. The oa was different as it was unpredictable, but honestly i can't see how they would wrap up after s3 unless they go for the shitty it was all a dream trope

  48. It's a great shows, sadly Netflix cancel it. Anyone know about a continuation project for this series? Once I read that a book would be made but I haven't found any news about it

  49. Why the hell would you ask Redditors for advise. Some will say yes some will say no.. Just watch it and decide for your self.

  50. I’ve only watched season 1 so far (I’m awful at making time for tv) but I adored it and am excited to see where S2 went.

  51. It was cancelled after season 2. It was announced shortly after it was released. So obviously there is no definite or conclusive ending for it. Don’t waste your time

  52. It's not on par with dark but indeed similar. Personally I found it "ok" but it never got me completely hooked, so I never really finished season 1. What put me off was that the whole setting was very bland with that small town, felt like something I've seen too many times in other mystery shows.

  53. OA is actually really good. I wish it would come back for another season. I definitely recommend it if you love sci-fi shows.

  54. Y . E . S . The only disappoinment for me was that it was cancelled. It's unexpected and weird but you don't really have to understand it. It's a jurney and I loved every second of it.

  55. No! I loved the show but the cancellation meant you’ll never have the satisfaction of closure. Don’t give yourself that pain.

  56. I thought S1 was sublime. The ending was really really good. I thought they could have left it there, tbh. S2 was fine, but not as memorable as S1.

  57. Definitely not as good as Dark but it was developing into something special. Imo season 1 was just ok, but season 2 was incredible. Major bummer that it got canceled because it feels very unfinished, but that said it's worth watching.

  58. Yes. We watched it a few weeks ago and even knowing it would end, it was a great ride. We never knew what was going to happen next.

  59. I just discovered The OA last week and binged it in a few days. Absolutely LOVE IT! I’m really sad now because I found out they canceled the show and there won’t be a third season :-(

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