i have a lot of units, what should i spend them on?

  1. The other comment I considered was, "Call me back when you move the decimal place three more to the right and I'll give you some help. There will be a 10% sur charge..."

  2. Awww I remember when I made my first couple mil and thought it was a lot. Keep going buddy you're only 155mil away from good freighter!

  3. Buy resources (not batteries) to refill your ship and suit, in huge packs to never bother about collecting resources to survive again. Also buy upgrades for your suit on each station you visit

  4. At this point, stock up on materials. Elements, Minerals, crafted tech - like Wiring Looms - as many fellows here said. Then build a couple of Activated Indium farms, so you can make the real money. And then you can indulge on the expensive hobby of buying and scrapping S-class starships for Starship Storage Augmentations and nice S-class Upgrade Modules, which you can then sell for Nanites!

  5. More money? Build a Mega S-Class activated indium mining operation. Huge money every time you hit it (after it fills up).

  6. Upgrade your scanner like some mentioned, when you find a station that has an S class scanner. Buy it, install it, jump into your ship. Jump out for the auto save and then reload that auto save. You'll be able to go to that same merchant and buy another one. Do this same method until you have all the ones you need. If you want more money look for folks with indium or active indium farms, when I'm low on cash I jump to a few and sell what I can carry. Easily 200 million in cash for 5 minutes lol. Rinse and repeat when you need cash.

  7. Don’t spend any money on ferrite dust and carbon because you can just install the positron ejector and shoot the ground with your ship and you get thousands of fairy dust and carbon in minutes

  8. If you have enough hyperdrive fuel consider going to many different systems and buying a multi tool upgrade in each one to get more storage until you don’t enough fuel or money. It gets you more storage, and if you have a good multi tool worth keeping you have plenty of space to upgrade

  9. invest it and flip it with buying wiring looms or buying abunch of cobalt and oxygen and combining those to make ionized cobalt and find a system selling it and crash their economy!

  10. this has happened to me, i know you should get quest items, multitool upgrades, starship upgrades etc.

  11. Find planet with activated indium deposits. Create TOOB(stacks upon stacks upon stacks of miners) Make more profit by killing economies with copious amounts of activated indium. Rinse. Repeat. Take over universe

  12. I don’t want to sound like a dick, but that is not a lot in this game… As others stated, my oxygen and refine further

  13. Trust me you can farm even more, due you eill need more. Save it if you do not need anything right now. You will need for ships, and ship upgrades, and probably materials tgat you will need in building etc etc.

  14. I've read quite a lot of comments and no one stated ship salvaging. With a few basic materials you can make a crashed ship fly, take it to space station and scrap for units and parts. I found this a fairly efficient and easy way to earn units and it's not game breaking or difficult

  15. Buy chlorine or make some, then travel to a system that buys it at a + margin, then after you've sold it all to them the margin should drop down a heap, making the chlorine cheaper, buy it all back from them immediately and then travel to another system and do it again, keeping in mind the profit only works if you sell then buy in systems that desire chlorine and will buy it at a higher rate, if you have enough chlorine, like, a few hundred thousand, you can crash their economy, and effectively make 30 mil profit in 30 seconds, took me a couple of hours to reach max credits doing this lol

  16. That is small change mate... That amount you can make in half hour just by slowly flying above surface on some water planet and shooting in the water with basic weapon with one s class upgrade...

  17. I'd argue that 5 million units of something is a lot, wether it has adquisitive power or not is a different parameter, its a lot of units, its not a lot of wealth

  18. As people said, that's not a lot at all. I'm sitting in around 360 million and I'm still broke. I do have almost 30k nanites though. Still need 20k more lol

  19. Invest in some contraband from outlaw systems and sell them in normal systems. Rinse repeat. Great fun way to play the game, you might get attacked a few times on your journeys and if you defeat them you'll get rewards from that too. Much more fun than just collecting resources with button presses from farms. Farms and stuff take time and resources to set up and take away a lot of reasons to go travelling but it depends how you wanna play. You can smuggle straight away with limited funds. 5mil won't go far, speculate to accumulate.

  20. You could always buy some exosuit inventory slots. There are three, the main one, cargo, and tech. You can get one per space station. If you've maxed that out, then I would upgrade the inventory of your favorite starship. Which can also be done on any space station, to the left of where you upgrade suit inventory. Enjoy your time interloper!

  21. Hate to break it to you but thats not very much. I have 74 million and i still feel broke. My friend has 400 mil

  22. Ion batteries, like.load up your ships and your backup ships with them. So much easier and huy other common craft parts that you need to fix ships you find too

  23. Frigates and wiring looms. Frigates are a good investment. Pretty soon you’ll have more money than you know what to do with.

  24. Sorry pal, but those are Pennies, I think even I’m poor though (330,000,000), but as for your question: work on improving your equipment, only buy S class things and don’t invest too heavily in things you already own, be on the lookout for good ships, multi tools, and freighters.

  25. Thats a small amount of money. Use that money to make more money by making things that will help you get more money.

  26. I like to play the markets and double my money. Go to trading posts as you will, in my experience, get more money for products.

  27. My tip, to feel like you’re advancing and are self reliant but also to help in future endeavours, is to try and get yourself an Activated Indium farm up and running as soon as possible.

  28. Oxygen. Then find some chlorine. Put them both in a medium refiner. You get six chlorine for the price of one chlorine and two oxygen. Rinse and repeat.

  29. a lot? haha, that's like 3 fiddies in no man's sky universe. I recommend saving up more for a good s tier ship.

  30. This is poverty from my NMS experience, no worries though mate assuming you’re new and 5mil is definitely nice to have

  31. I also go to outlaw stations and buy up tech and weapon goods then open them then sell it back to the mods guy for nannites. There's tons of ways to get whatever you want

  32. If you wish to go crazy with unit farming, look up an activated indium farm. This will give you a lengthy goal, depending on how progressed you are in this game.

  33. S class freighters I'm looking at are north of 123mil. I have sobering like 400mil but I play with guys with 5bil. I feel broke. Load up on materials! You need more, go find sunken and wrecked ships, then sell them, easy peasy. I wracked up over 20 mill in a night just finding ships and selling them, then selling the extra crap they give you for close to what the ships are worth some times.

  34. That is not a lot of units. That will not even buy you a decent S class ship or a mostly ok freighter. Billions is "a lot".

  35. I came here because I am always maxed at 4,290,000,000 or some such number and it’s very frustrating. But now I realize I have played too much No Mans Sky. Also, is this the cap, and is there anything to spend it on except new spaceship slots for new spaceships until I again max out everything instantly? Pls send help, I will send you credits.

  36. Brother you should save up. 60 hours without grinding I had like 25 million. 5 isn't really a lot. Hit 10 and then load up on materials. Had someone give me 75 million randomly and I finally got a new freighter

  37. I could turn 5 mil into 100 using a nice trade rout of several stars with high value economies. I always buy the economy scanner first thing.

  38. Or be a pirate like me. Once u try to warp search for a galaxy with a skull mark. Get there. That’s the outlaw station. Once u get there go to a planet set everything up. And start destroying cargo pods u see in space including frigrate pods. Once u do that some will give u banned weapons. Or anything that says contraband go to a normal space station and sell everything those ships give you. I make 60-80mill in one run that takes like 10-30 mins. I’m at 5 billion

  39. You should take those units and buy stuff to trade. You can make that 5m go to 50m on no time if you have enough places to warp.

  40. Find a planet with Activated Indium, build a big storage farm, come back tomorrow, and then you will be on your way to feeling rich.

  41. I came back to the game after 4 years with no memory and my 49hr save had 3.9 Billion units lol it's nutty out there apparently

  42. Bruhhhh, that's not a whole lot lol, my starship is worth over 9x more then that, hauler waayyy more. Great start though and I hope you're absolutely loving this amazing game. Definitely will have to do an update when you hit a billion credits.

  43. It makes me happy to see this post. That may not be a lot of units in the grand scheme of things but it makes me happy to know you’re out there grinding away and helping to keep the game a vibrant place. Keep it up man! As far as purchases go, I see some good advice in here and would recommend upgrading your ship possibly if you have one you really like.

  44. That's not a big amount, but it's useful if you want a new ship, if you want to become rich, I recommend having a sistem controlled by pirates, this way, you can attack the freighters without affecting your relations with the local aliens (Vy'keen, Korvax or Gek), try to attack the freighters and not the containers that are floating around the freighter, also, it is recommended to use a Hauler (a type of starship) to attack these freighters, because they have a lot of shield bonus and a lot of space in the inventory, which is convenient because you're gonna get a lot of resources from the freighters, then, you go to a normal system and go to the space station ASAP before getting scanned by sentinels (because most of the things you get from pirate system's freighters are illegal) and sell all those things in the market, you can change the inventory from where you're selling the things in the market by pushing the square (if you're on playstation) or the "X" (if you're on Xbox) and it will show your starship inventory. Idk if someone already explained this but this is really useful and easy, you only need a Hauler and maybe sodium to recharge the shields of your ship because you're going to be shot by the freighters and a pirate system because they don't have any authorities like sentinels.

  45. You have enough to buy an s class guppy, the one with the round cockpit and pointed noses. They are rather cheap for an s class exotic. You just gotta find one.

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