Someone please explain to me real world politics. Why do people think conservatives are crazy?

  1. if you spend some time with conservatives you will find that many of them consider progressives crazy. it's easier to label people with different opinions crazy than to deal with them on the merits of their beliefs.

  2. A lot of left-leaning people feel that conservatives tend to reject real world evidence that contradict their beliefs and get into conspiracy theories that have no factual basis, but reaffirms what they want to be correct.

  3. I am %100 convinced the election was stolen from Trump. Also %100 convinced it was BOTH Rs and Ds that did it. Both parties had way too much to loose if he won a second term.

  4. Politics is viewed as a spectrum, the more extreme peoples views are to either side the more attention they get in news/ social media because of entertainment value. Trump motivated the far right to do things like January 6th and the trucker protests, but let’s not forget their are some looney left people out their too.

  5. When it comes to politics I'm positive both sides are screwing us over and they just take turns how to proceed.

  6. Mainstream conservative ideas include teaching the Book of Genesis instead of science in high-school biology, forcing rape victims to carry their assailant's baby, and that survivors of mass shootings are actually paid actors as a form of pro-gun-control propaganda. So, safe to say that people think they are crazy because they are lunatics.

  7. Please note that this is about conservative politics as a whole, not individuals who call themselves conservative.

  8. That's a meaningless statement. There's crazy in every part of the political spectrum and always has been. What matters is how much crazy and how much influence the crazy wields.

  9. Because many of them believe that 1/2 of world's population should be basically slaves of the other half because of lack of penis. This IS crazy.

  10. People on the right are more religious. People who base their life on religion may as well believe in Santa Claus cause it’s all a bunch up stuff. So it’s simple. They believe in religion so they’re more likely to believe in crazy conspiracies.

  11. Politics is insanity that we vote for (or allow, if you’re a commie). Also, everyone’s crazy, not just conservatives. I wish I could give you a real answer but I think I just did.

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