Why don't therapists or doctors like it when people self-diagnose?

  1. Because it’s more complicated than googling symptoms. People often fall into the dangerous self-diagnosis trap and believe they have things they may not.

  2. Law and medicine for some reason tends to imbue people with this kind of arrogance where they assume everyone else is stupid. Random doctor that sees me for the first time ever gets irked when I explain them the condition I had for last decade and half.

  3. I've had to see doctors for about 20 years now. The latest was referral to a Pain management specialist". I typed up a sheet of what I thought were salient bits of knowledge about me beforehand. Many of the "self proclaimed" things i included I actually had prior doctors agree with or state to me. The new guy seemed put off by it and by me. (Okay, fine I understand) He gets lots of people making up stuff to try to get pills.

  4. I've watched a doctor look something up on Google to provide a diagnosis to my mom. Subsequently opened a Wikipedia page with the resulting diagnosis and ask her to read it while he left the room...

  5. As a doctor, because they're often although not always wrong, and because they have formed an idea which I may have to try the contradict. Also, having googled their problem, they may be selective in describing their symptoms and signs.

  6. I think most people don’t tell doctors when the internet has helped them correctly diagnose an issue, but when a person misdiagnoses a problem the doctor can ask “did the internet tell you that?” and quite often it did. So doctors suffer from a large bit of a confirmation bias. You never hear a doctor say “did the internet tell you that? Well, it’s right” because doctors don’t care how you came to the correct answer, they only appreciate that you are an informed and articulate patient, making their job easier.

  7. Essentially they believe most people are trying to demand certain medications. They want to perform comprehensive tests to make sure that they give you a accurate diagnosis

  8. Many diagnoses are very easy to identify. A large portion of my patients already have figured their disease out and come to me for a treatment or assurance. The reason why I can be defensive is if the patient has a false idea about what disease they have and thus also an wish for a treatment that won’t work. So I have to use time to figure out why the patient might think the way they do and try to unwrangle the misconception so we are on the same page. But it’s definitely not an issue for me. I prefer to hear about what the patient thinks about the illness since I can give a more tailor made treatment.

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