What are we gonna do with our lives when robots take over?

  1. Based on all the problems with the Tesla self driving car, for example, I don't think we have to worry too much right now

  2. Thank fuck and considering that the brain is still incredibly mysterious anyway and I think by the time we all get into an existential crisis robots will probably kill us anyway so I guess we don't have to worry anyway

  3. We are a very long way from robots taking over. For repetitive, predictable work, they are better than people. But in subjective decision-making, they come out very poorly.

  4. When computers started to generalize, people thought half the jobs would disappear. Spoiler: jobs changed, but computers need tending to. We are not very good at imagining how things change besides what is lost.

  5. In theory, the robots can provide for most of our needs, with a small amount of the population choosing to do the job of designing and maintaining the robots for additional $.

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