Real actual non propaganda footage of the NATO Nazi alliance army

  1. Lavrov said Jews are the biggest Nazis and anti-Semites. So it makes a lot of sense that the Jew are leading (probably financing) the Nato Nazi alliance army /s

  2. Also the anarcho-syndacalist Nazi flag, and AOC. It's like they think everything that is ideologically opposite of Nazis are Nazis.

  3. And they are all leaving unpunished. The baby rapist is also leaving unpunished,russian people will be left unpunished,putin and his elites will be unpunished. All of them are safe.

  4. Is there any source for it? Not trying to doubt it, just looking for information since my local media doesn't cover much.

  5. I recommend the book, co-written by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. The ending is a lot more clear.

  6. Thats what i was wondering too. We should contact and invite him to our place here to discuss the Nato overtaking of the world in the name of F-35 femboy cosplayers. Im sure hes with us and can add some valuable ideas to our agenda.

  7. Are they trying to get USA to do Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact 2.0 with them? Did they finally understand Poland won’t?

  8. Older proposal they made some time ago to the Poles. However, it seems they've continued that as a war aim, and it may likely emerge diplomacy resumes with either an improvement in their military situation/Ukrainian counter-offensives fail

  9. This is a good pictorial summary of America-centric ultra-right conspiracy nonsense. The EU is in there because it is a super-national organisation, which is a prime target for nationalists.

  10. This is a good pictorial summary of the recent waves of ultra-right conspiracy fever dreams, combined with Russian delusions of de-nazification. I'm assuming it's of Russian origin, intended to appeal to the American right, basically saying "if you join our fight, we will support your fight against all the things you are afraid of".

  11. Starting to wonder, what if Chris Chan was right the whole time? What if this image is actually the dimensional merge he warned us about?

  12. I think my favorite part of this piece is the American looks like he's been begging for change at an intersection and the Russian looks like Colossus in a straw boater hat. I don't know art, but I know what don't hate.

  13. Nazis' argument handbook begins and ends with "no U." Less mental gymnastics and more their minds being too shriveled to even grab the horizontal bar in the first place.

  14. See it’s funny because the people parading around with swastika flags are mostly Russians and Qcumbers at this point anyway

  15. I am very much glad I'm cutting off my copium addiction. Otherwise, I'd still be drawing shit like this and my wife would leave me!

  16. Pretty sure the DSA put out some bizarre LARP / blissfully tactically and situationally unaware and in general unaware statement calling on ppl to organise resistance outside the govt and not support the govt (I think they got confused and thought with just a snap of the fingers they can have some kind of idk Yugoslav resistance or sth, in general quite sisroesectufl to military and optic isle elairies and the opinions of Ukrainians, and the fact that tyounobv cooperate to win, whenever it’s possible or feasible- u can optically struggle against sleenskyy later)

  17. All it makes me think is "drugs are bad, m'kay", "schizophrenic" (lots of schyzos I have known in my career would draw similarily), and "fetal alcohol syndrome".

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