I just want to see Moldova and Ukraine team up to kick the Russians out if Transnistria and use the captured equipment and ammo from Cobasna to kick the Russians out of Ukraine

  1. So far the country has a non credible defense. But they do get to train with NATO. And since this war started the country receives more help. Who knows what happens in secret.

  2. I heard Transnistria has a stockpile of ammo that is bigger then the power of the Beirut grain explosion.

  3. Cobasna is the largest Soviet stockpile. I've heard it would be about 5x Beirut. I've been advocation to empty it for years. Blowing it would be acceptable to me.

  4. Yoooooo. Where are the 3000 little green men of NATO with unmarked uniforms? We could do a reverse Crimea in Transnistria.

  5. Stupid jokes aside, Moldova is way too poor to afford a war and it still struggles with the Russian influence in their politics

  6. Money itself wouldn’t be that much of a problem if war is declared on them, Romania would bankrupt itself helping them if needed, but NATO wouldn’t allow that anyways so we would probably get some nice, low-interest loans instead. We declared our “unconditional support” multiple times in the last year in case of a war, but it’s really up to debate what any of that means

  7. I heard that there are American soldiers in Romania, perhaps they could help Moldova with their separatism problem...

  8. Back in February, I was concerned about whether Moldova could get under the NATO umbrella by immediately uniting with Romania before the vatniks reached the Dniester.

  9. Just goes to show that no one is safe from the Ruzzains. There is no neutral when a blind fool is flinging missiles in the dark.

  10. Biggest issue seems to be a lack of consensus among the Moldovan population as to what direction the nation is supposed to take.

  11. Speaking of the gigamassive ammo dump in Cobasna, it is literally just next to the border with Ukraine. Ukrainians could easily take it in a few hours, if they wanted.

  12. Can romania reannex Moldova, the levels of retarded in romania gets worse the closer it gets to Ukraine, with a thin layer of batshit retarded making up transnistria

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