Temporary Sub Lockdown

  1. God why can’t people just wait! It’s only a couple more months (if that) and you have an amazing piece of work at your disposal. Like how are you so impatient that you think this is a good idea. Honestly….

  2. Saw this happened over on Twitter. Glad y'all took the post down. Definitely not the first time something like this has happened over the past 30 years of sim racing. Happy to see the response is similar after all these years, though. Always been a very supportive community.

  3. This is why I don't have people beta test my tracks. You get a few to test it, and the next thing you know they share it with their friends. No thanks..

  4. According to him it wasn't shared, someone who is part of the group was streaming and he seen a link on the stream and copied it and gained access and thought it was smart to share it publicly

  5. i was worried that I had done something and got banned. Just glad it wasnt me and hate that someones hard work was ruined.

  6. Some idiot thought it would be a good idea to leak the next gen mod early, despite it still being in development and not ready for release.

  7. Someone leaked the NextGen mod. It wasn’t finished or publicly released so the sub is going on lockdown until the problems are cleared or the mod is released officially by the intended creators

  8. They had a google drive file to work on the mod, somebody leaked it and someone who doesn’t know what privacy is decided to post it to here

  9. Hello! First off I would like to say what I did thought would help bring the community together with the mod. Apparently not. Before I deleted my original account I would like to address some things. I found nr2003 in 2018 and I felt the mods were amazing. Always was a big fan of NASCAR thunder games and I couldn’t wait for more nr2003 mods because this game is so much better than that. I then found lefty on Twitter and found codyhgaming and MMCS on YouTube. I’m a big fan of Codys full race simulations and crash videos and MMCS races and stop motions! Those 3 people make amazing nr2003 content. MMCS and Codyhgaming stream nr2003 and I thought people like them would love the mod! I always loved watching people on YouTube play the game and I thought more people would want to see it to. I was asked how I got the link - I’m not going to say how I got the link but someone was streaming it on a social media account and I copied the link and it worked. Never was given the link directly

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