faulty wiring

  1. Amazing. I wish I were better at putting into words why. But I relate so hard. The self sabotage is evident and so is the desire to be better while feeling like you can’t be. The metaphor of fire is perfect for this case. And you wrote it really well. Loved it very much a+++

  2. The last two lines perfectly sum up the poem. To me, it shows how it doesn’t matter how many times you tire away trying to fix yourself, it only self destructs in the end. Just like faulty wiring.

  3. i love the usage of one punctuation mark! purposeful or not, the period at the end of “yet you continue getting burnt.” feels so accusatory and harsh compared to the rest of the poem’s tone. i love the way people use punctuation in their poetry to convey meaning, and this is no exception

  4. Personally, my favorite part of the poem by far is how it flows overall, with the little rhymes and meter, as I feel it's overlooked many times nowadays. You very tastefully handled the imagery, giving the reader a sense of gloom.

  5. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! I’m at a loss for words tbh but this is absolutely awesome! It really hit home for me too cause I can relate. Please keep writing!!!

  6. Hello readers, welcome to OCpoetry. This subreddit is a writing workshop community -- a place where poets of all skill levels can share, enjoy, and talk about each other's poetry. Every person who's shared, including the OP above, has given some feedback (those are the links in the post) and hopes to receive some in return (from you, the readers).

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