A warrior prepares

  1. Hello readers, welcome to OCpoetry. This subreddit is a writing workshop community -- a place where poets of all skill levels can share, enjoy, and talk about each other's poetry. Every person who's shared, including the OP above, has given some feedback (those are the links in the post) and hopes to receive some in return (from you, the readers).

  2. This is indeed intense. I like the repetition of the phrasing at the start of the lines dividing it into discrete parts. The first 4 lines express a different viewpoint and voice than the ones that start with "death to", and so on with the "bring me" lines, etc.

  3. Thank you for the advice. I mainly write to cope and process and have no real training. I used tontry hard just to rhyme and now im trying to break that habit but s good rhyme just feels so good. Having people tell me other methods is definitely helpful as I never really took any writing classes regrettably.

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