Re-Live [Lonely]

  1. Very nice 👏 👏 👏 . This tickles me cause im very of a mindset of the universe going through fluxes of misery and success. This catches that pretty well.

  2. This comment is partly due to a time where my mind is not still... I feel as though it is a little hard to focus on the poem itself because there are no clear phrases. Almost like a run-on sentence, if that makes sense. Poetry doesn't need to be grammatically correct as other works of literature (according to me ;p ). I would read it yourself and separate it into lines and stanzas based on when you pause, take a breath, and/or finish a thought.

  3. Hello readers, welcome to OCpoetry. This subreddit is a writing workshop community -- a place where poets of all skill levels can share, enjoy, and talk about each other's poetry. Every person who's shared, including the OP above, has given some feedback (those are the links in the post) and hopes to receive some in return (from you, the readers).

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