Tupac Amaru Shakur in Baltimore, Maryland circa 1985

  1. In the background you can also see a cousin of Tupac, Kastro who would go on to perform alongside him in the rap group, Tha Outlawz. The other boy in the picture is Yaki Kadafi who was also a member of Tha Outlawz.

  2. Prolly the best picture I ever seen of the past. You’d never guess it was 37 years ago if you didn’t know who it was and he was wearing a different shirt

  3. Tupac would have told you different. He didn’t have the same feelings of death most of us have. Shock learned quickly that Tupac “didn’t give a fuck”. Tupac had said in interviews “what’s so bad about death? You probably go someplace quiet.”

  4. Looks a little like Kobe. Man I didn't realize how good I had it growing up with biggie and pac. Lyricists with messages.

  5. That kid in the back is like "everyone is looking at a young Tupac riding that motorcycle, but has anybody seen this fish? Look at this fish"

  6. In 1993 2pac said “they got money for wars but can’t feed the poor,” 2pac’s lyrics sadly remain relevant 25 years after his death

  7. Would have been relevant 2500 years before he was born too. Will be until the end of our time on this planet, or the next. It’s human nature I’m afraid.

  8. Yep about 14. Judging by the attire this was during the warmer months of the year and Pac was from June 71, so pretty much 14 on the money.

  9. You know, I have often wondered why Tupac shares a name with the last Incan king. It has to be intentional, I just can't arrive at the intention.

  10. Seems like a very good quality high res photograph. Must have been taken with good camera as all of my photos from that era look awful.

  11. Insane to think that 7 years after this picture was taken, he records 'i get around' That is an insane short amount of time..

  12. I am a 56 yr old mostly white woman. I listened to rap since it first came out. I’ve always loved a great deal of it. Tupac Was the first CD that I actually bought for myself. I used to make mixed tapes off of CDs that friends owned etc…so I had great ones with Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, NWA etc…but this was the first one that I bought and loved almost every song on it. I had a new Ford Probe concept car, black with a sunroof and great sound system.

  13. Right around the time he would be auditioning for the Baltimore School for the Arts to be a theater major

  14. I always find it interesting that we consider 2pac to be the quintessential west coast rapper even though he was born in Harlem, initially referred to himself as MC New York, and didn't move to California until he was 17. If anything, he had more in common with Diddy than he did with Dre.

  15. That’s the year Kamala lied about smoking weed and listening to him, before she locked up tens of thousands of non-violent offenders for marijuana charges.

  16. I can't comprehend that it's been 25 years since he was killed. I still remember flipping his tapes from one side to the other non stop as a teenager. Even to this day he is one of the rare people I miss (as much as anyone can miss someone they didn't even know). He was a once in a century talent imo and was taken away far far too soon.

  17. Kamala Harris graduated from Howard University in 1986. When asked if she has ever smoked weed before, she said yes. When asked what music she was listening to when smoking in college, from 82-86, she said TUPAC!

  18. Went to a performing arts high school. Somehow convinced the world he was raised in thug life. The 90s were a good time to be a phony.

  19. As someone that went to an arts school, those things are not mutually exclusive. I live in a shit hole neighborhood that I had to come home to every night after school no matter how boujie class time was.

  20. That is a Honda Elite, AKA the CH80. I had one once - lots of storage room, but it had a carburetor O-ring go out at around 4700 miles. About $200 to have a guy who knew what he was doing fix it.

  21. Still find Tupac to be corny as hell. Claiming all this west coast beef this and that, straight up acting. Dude is from the east coast

  22. I haven't met a lot of celebrities or important people but I oddly have met both Suge Knight and the lead detective of the 2pac shooting, and both after becoming a fan of 2 pac

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