Apart from the tan, Danny Trejo still looks the same after 40 years

  1. He’s stayed in shape but even with the low res in the old photo you can see that time might’ve passed on olding his body but not his face.

  2. I’m hoping the poster meant his “style” stayed the same. Because if he thinks that man didn’t age, I want those drugs. They must be wonderful.

  3. I hope op isn’t a star witness for some double murder, cuz somebody innocent is going to get locked up cuz of op.

  4. Yep looks the same apart from the tan. Oh, and the tattoos, and the wrinkles, and just generally looking older. Actually, that's not really the same anymore.

  5. My girl saw a bad a car accident where a car was flipped over.. guess who came to rescue the occupants? Yup, Danny is a real life action hero.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with aging; it adds character. He looks great for his age, and he is in excellent shape, but he still looks old. The face does not lie.

  7. Also, he makes awesome food. I was just at Trejos Tacos in La Brea a few days ago. Highly recommended if anyone is hungry in that part of LA.

  8. If the other picture had better resolution, y’all would realize that most of the “wrinkles” some of you are pointing out are just bad acne scarring he already had. He really does look great for being in his 70s. He’d look much worse if he didn’t get sober 50 years ago.

  9. There is a game I play called SCUM (Hardcore Open-World Zombie Survival type game) that recently added a Danny Trejo DLC where you can make your character look like him and I gotta say his fancy, toned, in-game model doesn't actually look that different from a real photo of him.

  10. Enjoy seeing Danny Trejo in every role he plays big or small. He maintained his body physic through the years. His face aged like grained leather.

  11. I hate when people say this. It's never the case. It's the same thing when poeple make copy cat recipes at home and they say "omg, it tastes exactly like the restaurant!" And in reality just tastes like shitty homemade food. I mean, what are they trying to do? Just get attention? Or are they just stupid?

  12. He often goes to my local Coco’s with his family somewhat frequently, and there’s always two things that surprise me: how small he is, and how much lighter his skin is than what the camera shows.

  13. Except for the fat on the stomach, loose skin, and the age. No, he doesn't look the same. He does however still look great despite the age!

  14. I think he’s got more character to his face now. Easily recognisable whereas you wouldn’t pay as much attention when he was younger.

  15. He used to babysit my ex! He owned an apartment complex in LA in the 90s. My boyfriend lived there and he would help out and babysit him.

  16. No he doesn't lol. People keep posting this kind of stuff like they think people morph into different bodies when they age, like Doctor Who or something. He looks "the same" because he's the same person, but he absolutely has aged a lot. Don't get me wrong he's in great shape for someone his age, but his skin is less taut, his face is more wrinkled and pockmarked; his hair is also very obviously dyed black, no way is that his natural hair colour at age 75+.

  17. I think they meant you can still recognize him and he’s in great shape - I know I don’t look anything like I did in 1980😆

  18. What a weird post. He’s actually a great example of someone whose face changed dramatically as he aged. It’s like Opposite Day.

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