The comedy troupe The State whose show on MTV ran from 1993 to 1995.

  1. It says right here on the package, “cook and then chill.” And that’s what I do every night, baby. I cook…and then I chillllll.

  2. This is the only skit I remember from this show and my 10 year old self laughed my ass off during the last supper scene.

  3. At college we had a Chinese restaurant that served these chicken nuggets shaped as a ball. And came with dipping sauce. They killed this joke.

  4. I love this skit. I imagine the thought process to be, "what is the most unfunny thing we could ever do?" "Torture animals" "Oof, yeah... Like psychological torture?" Confused Pikachu face

  5. The tacos are great. In fact, they are probably the best tacos I’ve ever had. But if I had to chose between the tacos…and my mail…I’d have to chose the mail.

  6. Call me old fashioned but I still believe there is only one true God. And he lives in this lake. And his name is Zorgo.

  7. Part of such a great era of MTV programming; The State, Liquid Television (which then turned into full length episodes for Beavjs and Butthead, The Maxx, The Head), Kennedy hosting Alternative Nation, The Jon Stewart show and a bit later Buzzkill and Sifl & Olly.

  8. The Tom Green Show (though it wasn't on MTV until 1999), 120 Minutes, the first few seasons of The Real World and Road Rules.

  9. People ask me if I was stuck on a deserted island if I would eat my feet…. You know what, I wouldn’t.

  10. I don’t recall the two guys standing in the middle, one looking at the other. The State was a funny, quirky show. They gave us Wet Hot, too, a hilarious movie.

  11. There was this one skit that a guy was pretending to drive a car, he pulls up to a gas station and gets out. Another guy gets in and steals the pretend car. I’ve been looking for the clip online for years.

  12. That show was awesome! As was Exit 57 a precursor to Strangers With Candy. Sketch comedy on TV ran wild after Kids in the Hall premiered.

  13. My cousin wrote the theme music. He’s written the music for most of Dave Wain’s films and tv projects, as they’ve been friends since childhood. He also married Thomas Lennon’s sister. My cousin is one of the coolest, sweetest, most artistic people I have ever known.

  14. The State was just the first time we got David Wain and his troupe on TV. They went on to do so much together in various incarnations of the group. As memory serves...

  15. There are only two ways out of here. 1. Dead in a pine box. 2. Through that wide open gate over there, that we please ask you to consider “off limits”

  16. Pics like these convince me it was always colder mid autumn weather all year long in the early 90's. So much El Nino cold weather fashion.

  17. On a date recently and The State came up in conversation. She went straight to the monkey torture skit. We’re going on another date.

  18. I can remember hearing about the show and sitting in my bedroom watching my little 13" TV waiting for it to start, and there's Kerri Kenney ironing while a bear climbs up on the ironing board, and just dying of laughter as she freaked out.

  19. Pretty sure it was The State that had a sketch about what I think was inflatable underwear? One of them was sitting at a desk trying to reach the typewriter and says "Damn these Bimini's!" can't seem to find it anywhere.

  20. Man this show was amazing as I watched in high school. Looked for it a few years back and couldn't find it anywhere.

  21. I gotta go guys, but remember this: BRRRNNNNGG, BRRNNNNGG! Hello, cheese? NO! Cheese can’t dial a phone! I’m Captain Monterey Jack, thanks for your time.

  22. Michael Ian black did a fun interview on a podcast (we gotta stop talking TMNT on CBB) where he discussed how he and some of the people from The State were part of the marketing team for Teenage mutant ninja turtle live show (Coming out of our shells).

  23. I think you had to be around college age in the early 90s to see it, but if you did, you've not forgotten it.

  24. Loved their commercials. They would just look sad and show all the negative reviews the show got. Too ahead of it's time.

  25. Damn this was the GREATEST SHOW ON MTV!! The skits were off the wall autistic creative. Seriously was way above the curve in comedy at the time. I love you toothbrush!!!

  26. In 91-92 I worked at a bar on the upper east side and a lot of these guys would come play NTN trivia on Thursday nights. Joe Rogan worked at the same bar around the same time.

  27. This week on The State, our best episode ever! 200,000 screaming fans can't be wrong! Unless they're in a river of lava. Which they are.

  28. The skit where there are male and female hormones in the background and the couple are making out on the couch. I will never forget this.

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