John Lennon and his childhood hero Chuck Berry jamming together (also pictured Yoko Ono, about to ruin it) (1972)

  1. Isn’t there a video clip of this where Chuck Berry gives Yoko a “WTF” look when she starts wailing/singing? 🤣

  2. Yep, and you can also see the moment when Yokos mic gets cut and shes still trying to banshee wail into it.

  3. He doesn't look at her but his eyes go super wide. John has no reaction whatsoever, presumably used to that sort of thing.

  4. "Can someone please tell me why so many people think she's so talented?" ~Paul, George & Ringo

  5. 50 years later (that's half a century, folks) she's still doing the same thing in front of other humans. Remember that if you ever feel worthless.

  6. Read somewhere that a sound technician made a choice on his own accord to turn off her mic. Having a gutfeeling that musichistory was being made as long as he just did it.

  7. A black and white still from the well-known Lennon and Berry appearance. The clips from the week in February of 1972 John and Yoko co-hosted the Mike Douglas Show are available online. The musical numbers are a highlight, but John’s radical guests are also interesting to hear.

  8. That video cracks me up every time. And then they cut off her mic. However, I have heard her sing conventionally and she's okay. Walking on Thin Ice and Listen, The Snow if Falling come to mind. But the other stuff is nuts.

  9. That jam was weak before she even started. I like John and Chuck, but other than them sharing the stage together there was nothing particularly noteworthy about this performance. Her caterwauling may not have improved anything, but it ain’t like she did it during something great. Her artwork (look up Fluxus) was innovative and moving. I always wondered why she so readily pissed everyone off by singing like that. I think there could have been a bit of taking the piss out of a bunch of pretentious blowhards involved.

  10. An unpopular opinion for this thread: This would be a forgettable ho hum rock and roll recitation that no one would watch twice without Yoko's contribution.

  11. Your logic being that, a solid performance on its own may not be as memorable as one where, for example, a screaming banshee suddenly triggers centre-stage, before being heroically vanquished by a sound tech?

  12. I, very much ironically, love Yoko Ono. It's like she saw something perfect and was like "I'm going to ruin that thing and let everyone know I ruined it intentionally!"

  13. Lol.... what? She should get slack for things that occurred before her trauma occurred??? Also - people get a bit of understanding if they go through terrible things, you don't have to ignore every bad thing they do from then on.

  14. I grew up with my mom listening to the John Lennon albums on 8 track. She liked The Beatles, but by the time I was 8 or 9 years old, it was all John Lennon.

  15. In 1987, Berry was charged with assaulting a woman at New York's Gramercy Park Hotel. He was accused of causing "lacerations of the mouth, requiring five stitches, two loose teeth, [and] contusions of the face." He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of harassment and paid a $250 fine. In 1990, he was sued by several women who claimed that he had installed a video camera in the bathroom of his restaurant. Berry claimed that he had had the camera installed to catch a worker who was suspected of stealing from the restaurant. Although his guilt was never proven in court, Berry opted for a class action settlement. One of his biographers, Bruce Pegg, estimated that with 59 women it cost Berry over $1.2 million plus legal fees.His lawyers said he had been the victim of a conspiracy to profit from his wealth.During this time, Berry began using Wayne T. Schoeneberg as his legal counsel. Reportedly, a police raid on his house found intimate videotapes of women, one of whom was apparently a minor. Also found in the raid were 62 grams of marijuana. Felony drug and child-abuse charges were filed. As the child-abuse charges were dropped, Berry agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He was given a six-month suspended jail sentence, placed on two years unsupervised probation, and was ordered to donate $5,000 to a local hospital.

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