Oliver is temporarily banned from licking his booty, so we got him the only appropriate accessory. No more cone of shame, behold the orange of power!

  1. She did indeed, and the dose is apparently perfect for him. He’s still sober enough to eat, jump, etc but he just seems really happy - rolling around, purring and head-bonking us. He’s just vibin’. 🧡

  2. We have one for our kitty that is a piece of toast! She does not enjoy it as much as we do. It’s so much nicer and softer! And adorable!

  3. He had blocked anal glands. We took him in Tuesday because he was overgrooming his butt, the vet tried to express them but she said they were really compacted. Unfortunately one burst later that day, so we took him back in and he got more treatment + pain meds. He’s doing a lot better now! He also has kidney disease, so the poor guy has been through a lot at the age of 7

  4. We used the same one on our cat after she was treated for a leg infection, because she is so small that even the smallest cone the vets had was too big and made it hard for her to eat.

  5. This one looks like to might be more comfortable than the one we got for Clara. Her’s was the pineapple, super cute but it kept turning and annoying her.

  6. "And you and Oliver will both enjoy the buoyancy of the Orange Preserver whether he jumps in the pool or you take him surfing at the beach!"

  7. My orangie had to wear the cone of shame for 3 weeks straight after TECA surgery. He was not a happy satsuma. Hope your boy recovers soon x

  8. Whoever gets the fruit pillow be careful to make sure the tag to tighten the neck opening is flipped out to the side where his head is, not the site with the body, and that it is up on top of his head and not down near his chest. This picture is a good example of placement. If you’re not careful then they could go to scratch and get their foot caught in the cord and accidentally strangle themselves. We have one that’s a cute little watermelon.

  9. We just got one for our dog Dori who just got spayed! She loves it and looks so cute!! I really wanted the watermelon, but the orange was the only one that came same day.

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