They did not come to play, anime NYC. On the pic @thatblackguy54 @chrisytheblackO @Playboi_Kay on Twitter.

  1. Why my man's got black Timbs on. That instantly takes this from a 8 to an 11 too quick Black Timbs just add to much power like he just runs everything.

  2. In this universe Aokiji is the Fleet Admiral. You know damn well once a man brings out the black timbs he ain't losing no damn fight.

  3. Was literally gonna day the same thing, still sick but when it's that small thing that takes away from perfection, it's hard not to notice

  4. This is very admirable!!! Lmao @ Akainu with the black force ones without the ankle bracelet looking like he just got out of impel.

  5. If I was dressed up as Luffy, I woulda ran up to them with a massive pole and kicked it at em πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. I can totally see the three admirals being black in the live action. They are inspired by Japanese actors but at least Kuzan is clearly meant to be African looking.

  7. Sakazuki and Kuzan's cosplayers got some legit expression. Borosalino should been more like "laid-back" but with that kind of structure.

  8. Their names on Instagram are β€œluckofluien”(Akainu), β€œswish_kay”(Aokiji), and β€œchris_k_rool” (Kizaru)

  9. With the seating being reflective it kinda makes it look like they're all floating which is also a terrifying image of power

  10. Gotta say Kizaru has a cool look on his face which is out of character. The other two are maintaining correct expressions. Sakazuki can barely hold his temper and Kuzan can barely stay awake. xD

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