End game Usopp

  1. If Usopp's Kabuto is going to get a fruit, it has to zoan since its the only known type of fruit to be infused with a weapon. But I'm unable to think of an animal that suits usopp and has an advantage of being a sniper weapon.

  2. This might be little bit overboard, but that is goona happen then i could love to see vegapunk and Franky to just upgraded usopps slingshot with a devil fruit and also in technology which could help usopp with faster shots to enemy with good accuracy and also with less reload time. If there is some fruit made by vegapunk or have one which can store in whatever he desire(something like pocket pocket fruit i suppose it was shown in marineFord one of the whitebeard pirates had) and which will make it easier for usopp to store all his dials, seeds and stuffs in it and with the help of Franky technology usopp can reload faster and shoot with accuracy. I guess these will solve many problems of usopps slingshot but i have one worry which is what usopp will do in elbaf ? If this things happen here then in elbaf usopp might do some courageous act which will make his name in the world and he will also have respect for himself and thus complete his dream. But once again we don't know if strawhats will go there or not. I don't know why but some people think that the dreams of strawhats are meant to be completed in last arc? Like it could be great to see few strawhats living their dream in fullest....

  3. Its either here or Elbaf for Usopp. Either way, with how hyped Usopp has been for Elbaf since the start of the series, Oda pretty much HAS to have had big character moments planned for Usopp for that arc.

  4. Omg Franky remains in the show! I'm at like 250 rn on the train with cp9, i love that for Franky, will he be part of the actual crew??

  5. It would be cool to see Usopp become stronger by utilizing his cleverness and mechanical skill. In that way, his strength would continue to be an expression of his own personality and potential.

  6. I was saying franky, usopp, and nami because their skills are centered around tech or gadgets. I could also see new medical knowledge for chopper

  7. I’ve reason usopp seems so weak is that he is a long distance fighter that just happens to fight just about every fight from a close distance, just imagine every time he actually was able to fight from a distance (the 2 that come to mind are at enies lobby and dressrosa) just about every time he fought from a distance he did amazing, but the opposite is true from close range.

  8. People are acting like Van Auger has done anything too. He tried to shoot Law in the back, was blocked by Jean Bart, and then didn’t seem to want to engage him head to head.

  9. Dude that might be the coolest idea ive seen proposed, sniping from across the sea is a wildly cool idea

  10. Brook scouts for the enemy, Franky/Chopper tank in front, Robin entangles them, Nami offers support mid-range, Usopp snipes from afar, like this most fights would be easy.

  11. With his ingenuity, a way to sneak away from fights and make distance would be great for him. Unironically, sanjis raid suit wouldve been a perfect fit for ussop.

  12. My guess is, if anything, Usopp's going to get a massive observation Haki boost sooner rather than later and likely some form of boost for his slingshopt, and if Oda's willing to stretch it he's going to get something his slingshot is going to become something akin to Funkfreed (aka he's going to get the 2-9 Devil Fruit for his Slingshot, which would be really interesting to see).

  13. A devil fruit for his sling shot wouldn’t be as good as people make it out to be because he’s still shooting regular old bullets or pop greens he needs to feed the devil fruit to one of his special ussop stars

  14. I don't really think Usopp is too weak, just underutilised. Usopp right now is the character whose fights are the easiest to write because he basically has a bag full of magic seeds that can do whatever is needed in any given situation.

  15. True, but that's just uncreative and does not reflect Usopp's own skill set at all. He was much better before timeskip imo with his pranks and tricks and traps. Magic beans were just shit writing on Oda's part.

  16. I think Oda showed that the seeds aren’t effective against strong enemies like against page one. Every attack Ussop shot was ineffective and he needed to be saved by big mom. I bet this means a non plant based power up or maybe a better use of what he’s already show.

  17. Honestly I could see that or Ussop awakening True color of Observation in order to see where Augur is teleporting to, that would be a pretty awesome moment

  18. That seems like the most popular and straightforward theory. So much is unknown about the requirements for Augurs fruit, like could he just warp out of any trap.

  19. Van Augur is my favorite BB crewmate, he is always calm, analyzing every situation, his power is cool and he seems to have some leadership qualities. I hope Usopp develops a lot otherwise I will be mad is Augur is defeated by Usopp

  20. I don't understand why the community thinks Ussop is supposed to fight Van Augur. I get that Usopp and Van are both snipers but I always felt like Sanjaun Wolf" the Colossal Battleship" met more sense as an opponent.

  21. We saw him use it once. He also couldn’t even keep off Kaido’s lowest tier crew members and save izo. His plants should be tearing the mob enemies apart.

  22. read somewhere abt the possibility of usopp’s kabuto getting a DF and tbh id be so down for that

  23. Since Augur has teleportation ability, Usopp will use his observation Haki to fight him. He won't be able to escape Usopp.

  24. Firstly Chopper fought Queen and Perospero at the same time. Chopper is not weak just specialised As is Usopp. He's not yonko level strong but he's not supposed to be. He will never be a gunman. You think with the technical know how he used to build the climatact he couldn't build a gun? Preposterous. He will become a great warrior of the sea through his own merits, he's already stronger than anyone in the first half of the grand line barring Enel and observation Haki which he learned without a tutor and specialises in let's you see into the future Usopp is not weak

  25. Usopp's abilities are surprising and unpredictable, plus he is a fucking tank with massive balls and plays the opposite role, managing to get underestimated consistently by all opponents.

  26. Usopp was fighting with rubber bands when Luffy was fist fighting Fishmen. Usopp will always be the weakest. Usopp’s resourcefulness will allow him to overcome the odds. He doesn’t need a power up

  27. I disagree only with the notion he doesn’t need a power up. He does need one but not something so outrageous. I think the devil fruit fed weapon theory has always been a great one given Vegapunk’s extensive research into devil fruits. That being said Usopp is always going to be an Underdog who comes out on top. He’s always won using his brain

  28. i like the head cannon that usopp just gets an arsenal of firearms. i wanna see Go D. Usopp with a cheytec intervention

  29. I was expecting Usopp to ultimately get stealth black. The durability of the suit + invisibility + aerial movement would have been perfect for Usopp. Franky could have tinkered wth the suit to remove the gene lock. Even after Sanji destroyed the suit, I was expecting franky to salvage the parts. Seems like the stealth black usopp dream is dead now...

  30. That's what I expect from Vegapunk, to take the pieces of the G66 armor, disable the gen modification and also to cure Sanji from the side effects of using it.

  31. He is called God Usopp literally in OP world. He is already a legend in the making and no power up is needed. Shanks crew proved that you dont need a devil fruit to be op, Usopp fights are always chaotic and comes to the use of his brains which is his biggest advantage compared to the big 3.

  32. I think he needs it. At current form, Usopp gets low diffed by all Titanic Captains without copious amounts of plot armor. Give my man a fighting chance and a real fight!!!

  33. Usopp aside, I think chopper might get something. Seems like the queen fight pointed out that his offensive ain't all that, so maybe we will see something for him

  34. Am I the only one who thinks Chopper is the weakest? Nami/Usopp have had sizeable improvements since Saboady imo

  35. Well of course, Usopp can’t be so amazing with a damn slingshot. Give the guy an actual gun and you will start seeing the potential. Usopp is not weak, just dormant

  36. All we need for Chopper are is cool monster Points from pre ts like double brain or hornpoint or his cool double arm and leg Points. They were really cool and i think Chopper got done dirty through the Story since He was introduced as a strong and smart fighter and then got Weaker with every new Arc sadly

  37. I believe the entire idea of Usopp is him being normal/average in every way while still being capable of going all the way to the top and ironically that's exactly why people won't believe him... nobody will ever believe The Pirate King Luffy really let him join the crew and definitely won't believe Usopp fought the same guy who defeated Kiado.

  38. Franky is going to get the Vegapunk buff and then Usopp is going to go to Elbaf and realize the power was inside him all along and the only thing holding him back was himself, thus unleashing his mental blockers and turning him into an observation Haki savant which has been hinted at since the first season.

  39. Yeah I totally agree that usopp needs some sort of boost. Hes one of luffys commanders. He needs to be able to fight other commanders in the new world. And he really isnt cutting it right now. But I'm really not sure how Oda will approach his power ups. It just doesnt feel right to give him a devil fruit. And his weapons seem to be staying the same now. Hopefully he figures something out.

  40. I just want the dude to be like, “I’m weak physically, but wait, I have specific strengths which I have successfully used in the past to defeat enemies far stronger than I. I am a sniper. Perhaps it is best if I employ the tactics of one instead of getting my ass beat for ten episodes straight before realizing my strengths for the 100th time.”

  41. We are going to get giant ussop, so he can fling canon balls, we got a taste of it in dessrosa. The dude has been talking about elbaf the whole time, man is going to be the leader of the giants.

  42. Van Augur needs to see his crewmates to be able to warp them. Ussop as a sniper knows the best spots that could be useful for looking at everyone that.

  43. It actually seems pretty obvious where Oda is taking Usopp, after the recent chapters and the new One Piece Red movie, where he shows his dad's use of Haki (infinite future sight) reason to believe Usopp would have the same type of Haki so him using it to predict exactly where Van Augur will be at would be a perfect counter for it.

  44. Maybe Vegapunk will give Usopp something that helps him fight better, but I don't think that's the point of his fighting style, he usually outsmarts his opponents when he plans ahead, or improvises some new strategies on the fly, all of that while being absolutely terrified, so I think he will just develop his obs. Haki further and defeat Van Augur with that and some +300 iq idea

  45. I think Oda once say Usopp is the regular human of the crew. That why all his reactions toward dangers are reactions we could have if we were in the same situation.

  46. I think end game Ussop would be the best sniper in the world. Literally if you put him at a high ground advantage their no way you can touch the straw hats.

  47. I feel like this sub really really doesn’t understand ussop. He is not strong physically He can bullshit though And everyone need a bullshitter at some point.

  48. I literally said him being the weakest is not a bad thing. But ass pulls like scaring the doll girl get old and feel cheap against end game enemies. Right now his ability is essentially plot armor. Usopps role is support not fighter and somehow he supposed to be useful shooting weeds with rubber bands at strong pirates. From what ive seen of Van Augur hes already a better version of Usopp support/sniper, he can teleport his crewmates to safety and swap them out while at the same time laying cover fire.

  49. Usopp can’t keep using his plants if he wants to beat Van Augur. The bar got set even higher when he (a sniper) got a devil fruit that lets him warp anywhere. Usopp will lose in a 1v1 no matter how you look at it. I love Usopp and understand why Oda made him go the plant route but whether they are df users, brawlers/martial artists, swordsman, marksman etc these are endgame villains now. If usopp continues with plants any 1v1 win he gets will feel like an asspull

  50. The problem is that it's very hard to make a power up feel deserved when a character doesn't work hard for it, and it's very hard to make it believable that Ussopp would work hard for something like that since his for character is to run and shy away.

  51. I can imagine after participating and being in a war as big as onigashima ussop will realise he needs to train or develop in some way also considering how high his bounty now is, the only “treasure” of the grand line the crew have yet to find is a devil fruit, all the users on the crew already had their fruits I can see ussop either eating one having the dilemma of wanting to become stronger and the great warrior of the sea or his kabuto will get fed the fruit, what fruits would I like for ussop? if he eats it himself I think kanjuro’s fruit would be handy and we saw how he used kanjuro’s fruit on dressrosa to knock out sugar. Also in oden’s fall and the kurozumi rise there were a few fruits needed to do it, kanjuro as spy, Bon clays fruit, bartolemeo’s barrier, and kaido/his fruit and Luffy has been helped by each fruit too on his rise to pirate king, would be a great Paralel!

  52. I think Usopp is just fine as to where he is right now. Remember: physical strength isn't everything when it comes to surviving the new world (See Buggy). What I would like to see is Usopp pulling off some incredible feat again that no one in his crew is able to ( like defeating Perona and Sugar)

  53. I dont want a powerup and dont think he needs it. His fights have always been about his brains, not about his strength. I want to see a Van Augr-level version of Ussop vs Perona, which is his best fight IMO.

  54. He's been upgrading since the start. His weapons upgrade but his style does not change there is nothing wrong with an upgrade

  55. Then he will never fulfill his dream. Can’t be weak and win off of bullshit forever. Let’s face it, the fact that her DF didn’t work on him was the same thing as Luffy vs Enel, a lucky gimmick that is not sustainable. If Usopp doesn’t get a power up I think Oda has made some serious mistakes. Would you call Enel vs Luffy an intellectual victory for Luffy? Naw, Luffy got clapped. And Usopp’s been getting clapped for too many arcs in a row.

  56. Usopp isn't a sniper. He has sniped like, twice or thrice, ever. What is he even doing? Are we really supposed to wait for the final arc in Elbaf for Usopp to finally become competent?

  57. Not sure what your point is here tbh, Jean Bart is an absolute physical unit it’s not crazy that he took a shot from Van Auger especially if he also utilized armament haki

  58. I don't think you guys know that Oda has been implying that Usopp has been enhancing his distance of vision with Haki, and Usopp has the strongest vision increasing Haki on the crew. This is a different power from Luffy's power of seeing into the future.

  59. I just think Ussop vs Van Augur will have Ussop deflecting Van Augur's bullets targeted at other Stawhats who will be fighting their own BB crew counterparts. Both firing from insane distances.

  60. I dont think Usopp will get a DF or perhaps after the end of the story like Buggy with Roger. The sniper from BB crew will somehow beat him in precision and distance. But with the good motivations, Usopp gonna outperform his father and van 'haugur'.

  61. I hope Strawhats vs Blackbeard Pirates will be a kind of isolated crew fight and not just simple 1v1s. Van Augur with his sniper skills will be a problem for the crew. Nobody can reach him except Usopp.

  62. From my understanding usopps Haki is incredibly op at long range. He can sense people's exact position and target then accurately from like half an island away. If they are setting up a sniper battle with Blackbeard pirates i can't wait to see it

  63. I would absolutely love to see ussop with a gun but sadly it’s just not Gona happen ever, he’ll never be as cool looking and actual pirate like as his terrible dad

  64. Ussops dream is to become a brave warrior. Usopp breaking through into "strong" will be a major part in him fulfilling his dream, every straw hat seems like they will start fulfilling dreams towards the last arcs.

  65. Ussop originally getting a 200million beri bounty over a misunderstanding is still one of the funniest things to happen to him in the show. He will get his time to show his worth

  66. My biggest Usopp theory - namely that he's the one who defeats Big Mom - was already disproven so at this point I'm open to all possibilities. For all I know he's part giant and will wind up king of Elbaf.

  67. I really don't think having a gun would make Usopp any stronger. The One Piece world just doesn't seem to work that way. More likely Usopp will get more tech to work into his existing kit like when he got Dials.

  68. My theories I had on Wano was that Kabuto would eat either orochi or kanjuros fruit. Now that that won’t happen, I would like to potentially see him with a df weapon from VP.

  69. Oyeah if Vegapunk helps Ussop multiply or give life to his plants he'll really have an army of thousand soldiers !!

  70. I really think the weakling trio will make their own crew in the epilogue. Ussop will be the captain since he wants to be a warrior of the sea. Nami will keep travelling because she wants to map the world. Chopper will travel the world trying to cure each island of every disease (will probably also cure Kaya so she joins the crew).

  71. He really needs to master his observation haki and he’ll be nasty. And if he can put armament haki into his bullets like the kuja that be even cooler.

  72. no omg, Ussop doesn't use guns that the whole point. it must be observation Haki related. and yeah, I think he might get an upgrade like Franky on egghead then get an observation upgrade on Elbaf

  73. Law mentioned to blaxkbeard how having a crew where everybody is a devil fruit user is dangerous. I think luffy crew having a mix of devil fruit user is going to prove to be key. I am anticipating that ussop is going to use the lack of devil fruit as an advantage during that fight

  74. It still bugs me that dials just got dropped. Imagine if Usopp had been powering up a reject dial this whole time and made it into a projectile or something. There were so many cool possibilities. Even an impact dial would still be a legit threat to everyone he's faced since Skypiea.

  75. I don't think he will forsake his slingshot, as that's his trademark. Maybe he'll get new munition/tools for him and power up Nami's clima-tact.

  76. I imagine him unlocking god level observation haki and using that with his good old seeds and hot sauce to beat augur. Augur uses bullets, a typical sniper. Usopp would be able to predict where he teleports to beat him

  77. Usopp has just been taking it easy, we saw glimpses of his greatness as did the world at Dressrossa. More will come soon, and when it rains it pours

  78. I think the battles are gonna draw close with strawhats retreating with wounded (how it always seems to go) but this time around I think someone’s gonna stay behind and sacrifice themselves giving the group safe passage away. I feel usopp would do this. At the end of the day I really don’t think everyone’s gonna make it all the way to the end.

  79. I don't think that Usopp would get a new weapon other than a slingshot. Usopp using a gun wouldn't be kid friendly to the audience since he is a protagonist and him actually dealing lethal damage is too far from his character. Slingshot is also versatile in the story since he's the only character who has a variety of bullets with different uses depending on the situation since there are times Usopp has to feed the enemy (salt and dango) and also shoot non-ammunition (seastone chain and kanjuro's drawing)

  80. I don’t think he needs a special gun to be like chaser , he just needs an awakening moment, like obito when rin died. A moment so great sadness or joy or inspiration that would give him the required haki boost and confidence

  81. What did Van augur ever do to seem strong? He wasnt able to hurt Ace and his Shot was tanked by Jean Bart or whatever that Guy from laws crew is. Law's fruit does everythinf Van augur's does and a hundred things more

  82. Usopp was mad disappointing in wano, even chopper was trying to fight queen, I don't even know if Usopp can even use observation haki still, Franky did way more and felt more interesting but I was hoping for a better power up, I prefer Franky fights like senior pink in terms of combat, hopefully he gets something with seastone

  83. One of my dumb OP theories is that Ussop will actually sacrifice himself on Elbaf. This would give him legendary status as a brave warrior amongst both the Giants. (who he admires the most) It would also serve to prove he's overcome his cowardice. And would be a way for the rest of the crew to grow and mature in the End Game, especially Luffy and Chopper.

  84. Doesn't help that he's received the least substantial buff of all the straw hats in the New World. Brook got a big strength buff in Wholecake, and Franky who hasn't really received any new buffs seems to be about to get one. Hell in Wano alone, two of the three "weakling trio" got buffed in some way. Nami with Zeus's fusion in the baton, and Chopper getting a longer Monster Point.

  85. Queen admitted chopper barely hurt him, if queen was serious he could stomp chopper. If you say chopper can take queen that means hes as strong as sanji which is false

  86. i feel like he’s gonna get yasopp’s future sight haki, usopp has never missed a shot in his life so i feel like he needs a power boost too. i think he’ll get haki armor green pops as well

  87. I think Ussop is gonna be able to predict the future in a significant way, like Yassop, and be able to snipe Van Augur ahead of time.

  88. Usopp has demonstrated an otherwise undocumented form of long range observation haki, he saw sugar from half an island away.

  89. I actually saw a Tekking vid about a potential buff in Elbaf. A miniature spear that never misses as part of Norse Mythology??

  90. I think Van Augur is currently OP right now as a sniper, because i think that even as good as a sniper can be, their weakness comes when the opponent gets close(even if they're strong enough to defend themselves, it's not their forte for close combat) but in the case of Van Augur, when the opponent gets close, he can just either warps his opponent away from him(and then shoot them mid air) or warp himself away to hide(in the case of the opponent resist the ability due to strong haki), therefore he's now a sniper with high evading capabilities, mf becomes the most slippery sob to ever exist

  91. If you watch the latest one piece movie, actually Usopp’s haki is so advance he can see things from other person’s vision, Yasopp’s in this case

  92. its really sad Oda teased his advanced CoO in Dressrosa and never mentioned it again, he could see a long range and like 1-2 seconds into the future before Katakuri or Luffy did it storywise

  93. My theory on Usopp endgame results in him sacrificing himself for the crew in some way. Giving his life will finally elevate him past the coward and into his dream of becoming the world's greatest warrior.

  94. I think Usopp gets a high-tech upgrade to Kabuto, something that puts a HUD in the circle of the slingshot that gives him perfect measurements. That shit would be so tight

  95. For me it doesn’t make sense that any of the Straw Hats gets any devil at this point in the story. They haven’t had one for so long, why add them? Narratively, they’re each on their own path to getting stronger. We’ve seen them develop their skills and get new tech, and I feel like getting a devil fruit would fundamentally change that path. Getting a fruit this late in the game doesn’t make sense

  96. BB crew uses the least Haki, Van Augur prolly has Observation Haki but they all have eaten fruit to become powerful because Haki takes a lot of practice.

  97. Usopp will learn to imbue hakim into his slingshot and basically make it a mini Canon, except it's better than any Canon.

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