Just casually petting a Komodo Dragon

  1. Exactly. This was no oops. It’s intentional, monitors are highly intelligent. He’s obviously had plenty of human interaction.

  2. Look at the background, this is clearly a zoo. Id assume shes a trainer or keeper and knows what shes doing

  3. I feel like just from the demeanor of the Komodo these two quite probably know each other and visit each other/receive scritches on a pretty normal basis.

  4. Definitely trained/worked with for a long time. The fact that she pets it by the mouth also shows shes been handling it for a while and have taught it that not everything touching mouth = food.

  5. While I'm not ever planning on getting one of these big boys, I would like to have a large monitor lizard some day. They can be super friendly and "tame", it just takes a lot of effort and the ability to avoid complacency. Sort of like with Burmese pythons, if they trust you, are well fed, and you can read their body language, they're pretty safe!

  6. I'm convinced. Calling my black market animal trader and adding komodo dragons to my next order.

  7. Wow ya komodos can be really well trained and familiar with people but even then I would never poke, prod, or KISS its MOUTH, th at's just asking for trouble.

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