I think reactions to the death of Anne Heche is a good reminder of our command to "love our enemies" and what Jesus taught

  1. This showed up in my feed and I’m just passing through, but this is easily best take on Anne Heche’s situation that I’ve read anywhere. It’s understandable for there to be negative opinions of how she conducted herself in her final moments, but she didn’t deserve to die, her kids didn’t deserve to lose their mom and she doesn’t deserve to be remembered with ridicule.

  2. That’s the case of most criminals, I think. They have tragic backgrounds. Often you can understand what drove them to do what they did, and have sympathy with them, without excusing their actions. Many criminals are victims themselves. I think it was Johnny Cash who got told he shouldn’t sing in prisons, since his Christians fans would disapprove. That led him to answering: “Then they’re not very Christian, are they?” Criminals are humans, too, and need love and compassion no matter their actions. It’s what Jesus called us to do.

  3. And it's probably why she was on drugs; many times, people turn to those as a way of coping with pain, loss, and trauma. Not because they're depraved or anything like that.

  4. Mark Twain had a really beautiful quote about how people often forget or refuse to pray for sinners to atone and heal themselves despite them being amongst the people who need it most. Something like “who prays for Satan?”. Evil is self-harm as much as it is harming other people.

  5. I feel sad for anyone with an addiction problem. Yes they often hurt others, but I don’t think that is their intent and it doesn’t inherently make them a bad person. They are broken and deserve healing. I hope she receives that healing in the next life.

  6. Substance abuse is such a hard topic for many people to develop empathy for, even though it has high correlation with trauma. I think Jesus would weep with any struggling addict.

  7. I've discarded much of my conservative upbringing but one thing that was valuable was that the teaching that every time we hear of soneone doing something wrong or tragic we should respond "There but for the grace of God go I".

  8. Yes…I find that to be a very humbling expression as it connects us to other people…not above or below but simply human beings all the same trying to do our best in life.

  9. But the anger at her is NOT understandable, and it's kind of sick anyone would label this actress an ENEMY unless she personally harmed you. She was an addict and her car wreck did property damage but didn't injure anyone except for herself. People attacking her are just kind of sick.

  10. I believe that people are angry at her actions and choices but are unfortunately attacking her personally instead. I also think that there are many that are projecting their own frustrations with the lack of justice in life. That there are celebrities and the like that live by a different set of rules due to their privilege and it angers them.

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