It's been an honor. No more words needed.

  1. As a Zarya main I’m going to miss bubbling my tank and getting full charge from Reinhardt. Haaa the memories. Guess it’s time to relearn zarya once overwatch 2 hits.

  2. Imma miss that feeling of a zarya main meeting a rein main for the first time and they both just sync perfectly

  3. The perfect sync feels like the Rein is an extension of myself. Rein & Zarya is more than the sum of its parts. Whatever is born of their cooperation is an emergent phenomenon. It is a natural force. It is beautiful. And I will forever miss playing with you Reins. In OW2 there's no one to match the arm wrestle spray with me...

  4. Not if my fellow second tank insta picks Hog or Ball and we lose all brawls against their Rein/Zarya, though... but yeah. The most iconic duo is going to disappear.

  5. I don’t know that there’s been any official announcement on this one way or the other. Given the tank buffs it’ll be interesting to see if there are any “classic” modes like open queue or qpc. Hopefully they’ll at least still give us custom game options.

  6. Getting rid of tank duo is the worst thing they could have done, removing companionship in this game is a strike to its core. Dumb blizzard

  7. i came here to say this. i honestly don’t see why this is treated as like a defining trait of the game, or that it’s inherently positive. it’s terrible to play against. i for one will not miss having 2 sporadically invincible masses of damage and cc in my face at any given time when i’m playing point, regardless of my role. i’m so ready to not have two tanks.

  8. I'm just happy that I'll be able to click with my DPS buddies without having to wait 30 minutes for a game.

  9. This is the expectations part. The reality is your tank line is Hog/ omega inting into the other team so much that the enemy team literally has ult every fight. Then your tank line turns on VC to flame the supports for not healing them and the DPS for "not doing anything."

  10. I'm of the opposite opinion; I hated playing tank because it felt so passive. Looking forward to playing tanks that's more offense oriented in OW2.

  11. As someone who played a lot of Rein, I’ll miss the Zarya combo. The bubbles, the ult set ups, everything. Farewell duo tank comp, farewell.

  12. I will miss some of the tank synergies, for sure. I played a really awesome Mayhem match the other day where my friend played Rein and I played Zarya, we were unstoppable, probably the most fun I've had playing tank, ever.

  13. Only 1 tank on top of all the other stupid decisions Blizzard has made, im not touching OW once it switches over

  14. This kinda shit makes me sad. Not about bubble Rein, but playing with two characters on the same roster at once is no longer a thing. I GUESS there's open queue, but that isn't the "right" way to play the game, says my mind.

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